The Bachelor: Public Displays of Seduction

This week’s episode picked up right where we left off last week.  The ladies on the second group date went back to the house & told the rest of the women about Liz.  Being the mature adults they are, they all handled it with grace & decorum like betrayed lovers.

At the cocktail party, Nick addressed the “situation” head on; his speech was quite nice I thought.  He didn’t really throw Liz under the bus, but didn’t sugar coat anything either.  I think, overall, the women appreciated this.  Corinne clearly could not stand anyone out-sexing her, so she decided to re-enact the whipped cream bikini scene from Varsity Blues. However, Nick seemed somewhat uncomfortable to be licking whipped cream from Corinne’s nipple where all the other girls could see.  She ran off crying & then passed out…missed the Rose Ceremony.

Rose Ceremony: Lacey, Elizabeth, & Hailey went home.  Anyone else notice that Alexis said, “Move, bitches” when getting her rose.

Group Date 1: Danielle L, Christen, Kristina, Whitney, Taylor, Jasmine, Corinne

The Backstreet Boys stopped by the house to announce that the group date would be them being their backup dancers.  As an avid boy band (*NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98°, LFO, O-Town, all of them) fan as a teenager – this was such a cool date!  bsbThe best dancer won a slow dance with Nick while BSB awkwardly serenaded them.  Corinne whined the entire time about not being a skilled dancer.  Girl, just do the chicken dance if you forget a step.  Jasmine expected to win, but Danielle pulled it off.

Side Note: how old did BSB seem?  Were they out of breath?

The best part of this whole date was when Corinne confessed to the other women that she had a Raquel…her nanny.  Not gonna lie, she made having a nanny sound nice.

Danielle got the rose.

1 on 1: Vanessa

This was another cool date.  Nick took Vanessa on a zero gravity plane.  They were perfect new lovesluts…until Vanessa got bubble guts & needed a barf bag.  Nick was really sweet & rubbed her foot & back, although I would’ve liked to see him hold her hair back.  Is it true love?  Nick kissed Vanessa after she puked. nick-vanessa

Vanessa seems like the first girl that Nick really is genuinely interested in.  I feel like Vanessa makes him think this could actually work.  Of course, she gets the rose.

Group Date 2: Rachel, Alexis, Astrid, Jaimi, Sarah, Brittany, Dominique

This group date would be my worst nightmare.  They had to do a “Nickathalon” – I wouldn’t even run from an ax murderer.  Just kill me now.  nickathalonIt was really cool to see truly talented athletes.  After doing several different competitions the group was narrowed down to Rachel, Alexis, & Astrid and her boobs.  They had to a do the 100 meter dash & whoever grabbed the giant diamond ring won hot tub time with Nick.  Meanwhile, Dominique was melting down over not getting any time with Nick.  At the cocktail party, she actually confronted Nick about this.  However, Dominique placed all the blame squarely on Nick; he was very honest & said he didn’t think they were going to progress quickly enough & sent her home.

Rachel got the rose.

So, instead of a cocktail party, Nick opted to have a pool party.  Just when he started to redeem himself…  Once again, Corinne takes things to the next level within range of the other women.  Corinne basically loudly molested Nick in a bouncy house.  All the women saw this, & took it upon themselves to end the pool party.  Many of the women were pissed.   Raven was the ring leader that let Nick know that Corinne is “not for him.”  I love that Vanessa called out Nick for his shenanigans with Corinne.  Vanessa specifically told him that she was judging him, not Corinne & that if that was his behavior then send her home.  The End.  To Be Continued…

Favorite tweets of the night: s21e3-1s21e3-2s21e3-3s21e3-4s21e3-5s21e3-6s21e3-7

What did y’all think of Nick this episode?  Do you have any favorites yet?

Kiss Hug,

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