Bachelor Recap: Waukesha On My Mind

Starting back with the pool party & the Rose Ceremony: Brittany & Christen go home.

First 1 on 1: Danielle L – They tour Waukesha, eat “Nickerdoodles”, run into an ex, go on a treasure map of every teenage romantic/sexual experience Nick had.  Weird.

Danielle shared with Nick that her parents divorced when she was 17, & she was blind sided by it.  naturally, it has made her weary of falling in love.  Que the awkward concert with Chris Lang.  How Nick could say this is a “Bucket List thing” is mis-leading, seeing as how he has been to at least one on each of his previous seasons.

I missed the spark between these two, yet Danielle got the rose.  It must of been her boobs.

Group Date 1: Taylor, Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimi, Sarah, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Josephine, Danielle M, Corinne

The girls have a Charlotte’s Web moment…maybe more of a Templeton moment.  Jaimi is awesome at milking cows.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity for Alexis to done another costume.  cow-costume
Next they clean out the stalls.  Josephine didn’t get the memo on no white pants.  Corinne is really obsessed with shit, but couldn’t shovel it due to a “serious hand injury.”

Corinne confronted the women, they pushed back.  She apologized for napping…then later called it a panic attack when confronted by Kristina. corinne

Kristina got the rose.  Corrine was pissed.

Second 1 on 1: Raven – They went to Bella’s soccer game!  She met Nick’s parents too! Raven is a really talented skater.  Nick too!  How hard is it to makeout while roller skating. They had great conversation throughout the entire date.  She confessed that she in on her ex-boyfriend thrusting into another woman.  Nick should never cross Raven.  raven

Raven gets the rose.

Back at the house, Taylor & Danielle M. talk about confronting Corinne…while wearing bathing suits in the bath tub?

Cocktail Party:

Danielle L. steals Nick first, but promised to leave him alone the rest of the night.  The women are pissed.

Taylor for takes the first steal.  She stood awkwardly off to the side to let Danielle finish.  Nick called her girl – bad omen?  However, he did snuggle with her.

Back in the house, Corinne & Josephine bitch about Taylor while stuffing their faces with chicken nuggets. j-c

By the campfire, Corinne confronts Taylor while wagging her finger in her face.  Taylor is concerned that she is not mature enough for a healthy, committed relationship.  Corinne doesn’t want to play “Ms. Proper” because Corinne runs a multi-million dollar company. She also thinks Taylor is stuck up & superior.

Y’all, they both seem right about the other, & let’s be honest – neither will win.

To Be Continued…

Favorite tweets from the night:  s21e4-1s21e4-2s21e4-3s21e4-4s21e4-5s21e4-6s21e4-7

I don’t know about y’all, but Corinne makes for good TV…however, her antics wear thin quickly.  Alexis, on the other hand, is genuinely hilarious!  I too am terrified of Nicholas Cage.  Although, I think she’s gone soon.  Nick always seems baffled by Alexis, which I quite enjoy.

Looks like next week will be the 2 on 1 date from Hell, with Taylor & Corinne.

What do y’all think about the season so far.  Shockingly, we’re almost half way through.

Tomorrow night I plan to play BINGO!  I’m 85 on the inside…love it.

Kiss Hug,



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