Bachelor Recap: Motor Mouth

Picking up where we left off, Taylor showed up at Nick & Corinne’s date & called out the corn husk.  Let’s be real, Nick is only keeping Corinne around until he can bone her without looking like a douche & a half. “What I’ve learned today is that cats have nine lives & bitches have two.” – Corinne

Rose Ceremony: Josephine (finally!), Jaimi, & Alexis (sad face) went home.  They were all in the friend zone.  This is the most Whitney has spoken all season.  Mandy sees a lot of Luke in Whitney.whitney

They head to St. Thomas – got that wrong in my bracket.

1 on 1: Kristina got the date; where she’ll finally get to tell her story.  I got this one right on my bracket.  Surprisingly, Kristina didn’t seem too keen to share with Nick.  Perhaps because Nick shut her down last time she tried to talk to him.

Back at the hotel, a nanny just showed up in the hotel room.  Corinne immediately called dibs on Lorna.  You some fancy resorts have butlers for the hotel room, I wonder if that was really what Lorna was there for.  Corinne replace Raquel real fast.lorna

He kept pressing Kristina to open up – she confessed to eating lipstick for lack of food as a child.  Her mom kicked her out of the house at something like 8yo; luckily, she found her way to an orphanage (in Russia this is a really lucky thing) where she lived for 8 years.  She did this to avoid being a prostitute.  Kristina showed such, strength, vulnerability, poise, & class…too good for Nick?  Kristina got the rose.

Side note: I was really worried her story would be that she was one of the Russia orphans that couldn’t form attachments.  Look it up – it’s really sad.  You hear about it a lot with American adoptions of Russian children from the 90s.

Group Date: Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corinne, Danielle M, Jasmine

They take a boat for a beach day, where they play volleyball, corn hole, drink, & work on their tans.  Somehow all the fun games made the women dissolve into tears one by one.  I honestly think Nick instigated this because he chased after Corinne, in front of the women, when she opted to leave the volleyball game.  Volleyball.gif

The cocktail party portion of the group date was SOMBER & super awkward.   Rachel got one-on-one time first.  She let Nick have it.  Good girl.  Vanessa went next…she cried.  Jasmine is complained about being on a group date. the. entire. time.  All the other women tolerated & rolled their eyes.  Raven got some time.  Jasmine was still going strong.  No one likes a complainer.  She also offered threatened to hit & choke Nick.

Jasmine went home.  Raven got the rose, although we didn’t see it.

Y’all, I think Nick really doesn’t know how to date.  I guess it is a redeeming quality that he doesn’t really seem to be good at juggling multiple women; we need Papa Chris Harrison to give our guy a pep talk.

2 on 1: Danielle L. & Whitney – This is the weirdest date.  We know Danielle fairly well, but who is Whitney?  Nick sent Whitney home after about 1 minute…quickest 2 on 1 EVER.  It soon became a 1 on 1.  See you in Paradise, Whitney.  I guess there was a reason I didn’t know who you were.

DLo rambled on & on about their connection…mostly because Nick did not contribute to the conversation.  Nick looked like he was on the verge of tears all night.  Danielle went home. Whitney bye.gif

Nick took all these “breakups” really hard, & is now questioning if he’ll find love at all.  He should have taken advice from Andrew Firestone (my favorite season), instead of Farmer Chris.  I do kinda feel bad for him, because he truly doesn’t seem to be connecting with any of the women…not even Corinne.

My favorite tweets from the night: s21e6-1s21e6-2s21e6-3s21e6-4s21e6-5s21e6-6s21e6-7

This was the harshest episode, by far.  Do you feel like they focused on the Corinne story line so much that we are missing so much more going on in the house?  I also feel like they need to focus more on the love stories than the drama.  I’m left feeling confused.

We’re down to six ladies.  Who do you think makes it to the final four?

I’ll see y’all back here later this week.

Kiss Hug,



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