Southern Charm: Updated Cast Analysis

Southern Charm Cast
Heavens to Betsy!  By now, most of you know that Southern Charm is my GOAT of the Bravo shows.  I can’t adequately express my love for this show & most of the cast.  Season 4 premiers on April 3rd, but here are few facts if you’re tuning in for the first time, & also the trailer for the upcoming season!  I’m so excited!!!  This is my excited dance. Excitement Dance


Okay, so Austen looks like the lovechild of Craig & Shep; from the previews it looks like he may be an “Old Craig” from Season 2 kind of bro.  I do somewhat enjoy that his name spelled wrong like Jane Austen’s…  Based on Bravo’s website, we know that Shep brought him into the group…looks like that friendship may be going south.  He also loves to travel, because who doesn’t, right?  He works for a local brewery, which I think is how he met Shep???  Austen likes football, Phish, blah, blah, blah.  Austin Kroll


Now, our beloved Cameran was my favorite until Season 3.  She is beautiful as always, but she sat at the Mean Girls table last season; if the Season 4 trailer & Kathryn’s interviews are to be believed, then she has come back to being sweetly narky – not ugly snarky.  There is a difference y’all.  Last season she struggled with her indecision to have a baby, but this season she has thrown out her birth control…  Cam also has a super fun IG, so check that out.Cameran


Last season Craig seemed to clean up his act & became known as “New Craig.”  I’m not convinced that it will last, but we shall see.  I believe he has finally passed the Bar, so that is exciting.  I really appreciated that Craig was the only one to defend Kathryn last season; not only that, but he also dropped multiple truth bombs all season long…looking forward of more of that.  Looks like Craig’s wrath will be directed at Shep this season…he thinks Shep is jealous or something.  Southern Charm - Season 4


I know this may be controversial, but I am ride-or-die for Kathryn, especially when to it comes to her vs. Landon.  However, I’m not afraid to call her on her shit when the occasion calls for it…in my recaps, of course.  Of the cast, Kathryn seems receptive to constructive criticism & can admit when she’s wrong.  Her confessional one-liners are to die for.  Do I want her to be with Thomas – absolutely not, she can do better!  Do I want her to figure herself out – DUH.  I loved when she & Whitney hugged it out on last season’s reunion.  Hope that frosty water stays under the bridge.  My hope for Kathryn this season is that she can rise above the fray, & by fray I mean T-Rav & Blandon.Kathryn


Ugh, BLandon.  Not only does she have the most annoying whiny voice on earth, but I think she gets off on being mean.  She clearly has a thing for stealing men from other women, no job with no hopes of getting one, & she’s a gold digger.  Her “travel blog” is no closer to being up & running than it was last season.  You can’t even google the blog – the only thing that shows up is the article from Reality Tea saying it hasn’t made it off the ground yet.  Cue the dolphin laughs eye rolls around the world.  Landon


Okay, so we all know my love for Shepard.  He can do no wrong…except he’s always cheating on me.  Joking, joking…  The trailer leads us to believe, which I do, that Shep is still the endearing party boy we all know & love.  However, if his IG is to be believed, he’s a pretty savvy business guy too & takes cool vacations.  Just doing my research…  He convinced me to order a cap from Shep Gear.  Didn’t need the cap, but I ordered it.  In my delusional mind, he handmade the it just for me.  My love note must have gotten lost int he mail…  The only smudge on my affection for Shep is that he has recently become chummy with Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules.  With the exclusion of last week’s episode (flights for Schwartz-y’s brothers), Jax leaves a lot to be desired as a decent human.  Be careful Shep, Jax will sleep with your lady… Southern Charm - Season 4


I think T-Rav is super creepy…borderline pedophile.  I really have a hard time deciding who I dislike more: Thomas or Landon.  Last season, in the beginning, I thought Kathryn & Thomas deserved each other – crazy attracts crazy & all, but Landon & Thomas can have each other & hopefully disappear from my TV.  Thomas has a clear case of age but zero wisdom, maybe it was all the cocaine he does did.  I think he is a disgusting excuse for a man & father, & I wouldn’t be shocked if he set Kathryn up somehow in their ongoing custody battle.  He is the ultimate Tool McDouche Schnozzle. Southern Charm - Season 4

It looks like Whitney will officially be behind the scenes this season; however, Miss Patricia will be back to disparage Kathryn while sipping Michael’s perfect martini.

Are y’all excited for the season to start in a couple weeks?  Are you ready for all my Southern sayings to come out?  Agree or disagree, but please leave it in the comments – I love the interaction.

This spring I promise to stay caught up on recapping Southern Charm (starts April 3rd), RHONY (starts April 5th), & The Bachelorette (starts May 22nd).

Kiss Hug,


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