WUW: March Edition

It’s that time of the month again…What’s Up Wednesday!  This is just a quick glimpse into my life; it’s a quick read, so I hope you enjoy!  wuw

The questions are: wuw-questions

What I’m eating this week…

This time of year I become obsessed with salads.  My favorite is my cucumber salad.  Cucumber Salad

Okay, so the staples in this salad are:
Cucumber – sliced & quartered
Cherry Tomatoes – halved
Feta Cheese – crumbled
Ranch dressing – I like Ken’s Lite dressing
Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing – I LOVE Ken’s Lite dressing
I use 2 parts Ranch to 1 part Balsamic Vinaigrette.
Additional Add-Ins:
Green Grapes – halved
Watermelon – Cubed
Toss together & enjoy!
I eyeball all of the proportions in this salad until it makes beautiful “salad art”!  In my world, all beautiful salads are called salad art!  My friend Lindsay started this phenomenon when we were in Palm Springs a decade or so ago.

What I’m reminiscing about…

No having mentioned Palm Springs…I’m dreaming of lazy days by the pool, drinking a pitcher of margarita, & playing Spite & Malice for hours.  Ah, those were the days.

What I’m loving…

Okay, so I finally broke down & started shaving my face.  It has changed my life!  My skin is soooo soft now; I also use less makeup because it goes on so much smoother.  I like these razors.  Be careful around your eyebrows…

What I’ve been up to…

Work (my real day job) has been crazy, CRAZY busy the last few weeks.  Literally, crazy until this last Monday – it has calmed considerably since some changes have been made – for the better I think.

What I’m dreading…

Luckily, I’m not dreading anything at the moment. 🙂

What I’m working on…

I am spring cleaning & purging my house right now! Spring Cleaning 1

What I’m excited about…

Y’all, I am finally getting a ceiling fan installed in my bedroom!  I’m so excited by this I can’t even adequately express my feelings about this.

What I’m watching/reading…

I’ve been mostly trying to clean off my DVR – I need to catch up on Feud, Scandal, & The Mindy Project.  I’ve been obsessed with The Kitchen lately…partially because I adore Katie Lee.  But, I am SUPER excited for #SouthernCharm & #RHONY to come back.  Check out my SC Cast Analysis here, & I’ll be posting the RHONY Cast Analysis later this week.

I’m totally loving the The Boeskool Blog lately.  He spot on every time, & so well written.  theboeskool.com

What I’m listening to…

I’ve started listening to a few new podcasts:
RESIST Podcast
The Pretty Mean Podcast – I respond to their conversations in the car.
See Something Say Something

What I’m wearing…

Now that it’s officially Spring, I am pulling the maxi dresses back out to play. 🙂  I love maxi dresses, they are basically yoga pants that you can wear to the office.  Spring Staple

I live in outfits similar to this.

What I’m doing this weekend…

Friday: ceiling fan installation & spring cleaning, & purging my closet
Saturday: planting new succulents & fuchsias in my vertical garden
Sunday: brunch with Brigitte, hair washing day, & prepping for the week

What I’m looking forward to next month…

The last weekend in April is the Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown.  I look forward to going to this every year.  Despite Georgetown growing from 30,000 people (when I lived there) to 80,000 now – it still has maintained its small town charm.  Poppy Fest

What else is new…

I’m contemplating a girl’s trip to Belize this summer, but I also kind of want to just go somewhere on my own.  We’ll see how that plays out.  Any suggestions?

Bonus Question: What is my favorite Spring wardrobe piece?

Flip flops are my favorite warm weather staple!!!!  I love flip flops so much that Mama J had to implement a no flip-flop rule if it was less than 50° outside when I was in high school.  These are my favorite of all time. Ecote

Kiss Hug,


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