Southern Charm: Kathryn On My Mind

Whew!  This episode went by so quickly!  Since much doesn’t happen in the first episode of any season, this will be just a few thought of what we’ve seen so far.  I bet “Kathryn” will be the word for the Drinking Game tonight on WWHL.

The opening scene was obnoxious because my two least favorite people were pretentiously walking about town pretending they never hooked up.  Vom.

Craig still hasn’t taken the Bar, but has turned in his thesis.  He is now a handyman?  Patricia would probably pay him to clean her pool shirtless.  Cameran got the lowdown for us. Handyman Craig

Thomas now has full custody of his & Kathryn’s children.  Because kids are messy & gross, he makes them live in his guest house because God forbid they drool on a $30,000 rug.  Could Thomas be a more deplorable human?  I wonder if Kathryn can take Thomas to court over this?    Thomas

Now, as the best mother to no children, I do agree that kids are gross…but it is your responsibility, as a parent, to teach them to be responsible humans.  This means having them pick up after themselves, clean, balance a checkbook, etc.  Again, I’m the best mother to no children.

Landon is still the worst human alive…next to Thomas of course.  She is still super judgmental, & talking about Kathryn & the fact that she can’t even do rehab correctly.  If Kathryn is on a road to a better, healthy life then who are you to judge?Closed mouth

We are introduced to Austen…seriously is he the lovechild of Shep & Craig?  Y’all, he actually has a job!  The only other one besides Cameran.

We are also introduced to Eliza – did anyone else think she was Thomas’ granddaughter? I think it is so weird that he hangs out with his friend’s daughter.  Real cringe-worthy, y’all.

How amazing is Cameran looking?  So gorgeous!  I believe my beloved Cam has left the Mean Girls table is back to her lovable self of yore.

Is Thomas is too stupid to realize that he is the creepy, old horn-dog at the kids co-ed’s party.

For Kathryn not showing up until the last few minutes of the show, she sure was the topic of conversation among everyone.   Kathryn’s cousin Shelby is the worst.  Someone is definitely seeking her 15 minutes… Shelby

Did I miss anything?  What did y’all think?  I loved that the episode ended with Kathryn getting her D&A…that ought to shut everyone up, but you know how that goes…

My favorite Tweets from the night: SC4E1.1SC4E1.2

Check back in for the RHONY recap on Wednesday!

Kiss Hug,

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