What’s Up Wednesday: May Edition

It’s that time again…time for a quick catch up with me!  WUW WUW Questions

What I’m eating this week…

When the weather gets warmer, I CRAVE salads; in my family we call it “Salad Art.”  I’ve been consistently making “clean out the fridge/pantry” chicken salad.

My current favorite recipe is:
1 8-12 oz. can of chicken breast – drained (I know this sounds gross, but I like the texture of canned chicken)
1-2 celery stalks – diced
1/2 of a purple onion – diced (it adds a nice spiciness)
1 small honeycrisp apple – diced
1 handful of dried cranberries (or cherries) – I like to chop them a little smaller
1 handful of slivered almonds (I like honey roasted)
1 handful of sunflower seed
2 spoonfuls of Miracle Whip, mayo, or Greek yogurt
Mix it all together & enjoy!  I go easy on the Miracle Whip because I’m not the biggest mayo (of any kind) fan…that’s a story for another day.

I’ve been known to switch up these ingredients a lot!  Mama J likes diced pineapple in her chicken salad & pecans.  I’ve done cashews, poppy seeds, Caesar dressing, cilantro, grapes, leftover slaw from Zoe’s Kitchen…you name it, I’ve put it in a chicken salad.

What I’m reminiscing about…

Memorial Day weekend was awesome.  I had Friday & Monday off from work.  I didn’t go anywhere, but…  I didn’t where makeup for 4 days.  I stayed in my pajamas pretty much the whole time.  I watch Hallmark movies & cleaned off my DVR.  I took a nap or two everyday.  I read a couple books.  It was awesome. lazy bones

What I’m loving…

I am absolutely loving Rachel Lindsay as the Bachelorette!  She’s classy, sassy, assertive, funny, & beautiful!  She doesn’t have time for the guys’ shenanigans & doesn’t let them get away with anything. Rachel

You can read my recaps here.

What I’ve been up to…

I feel like all I do is work!  However, I’ve been flexing my green thumb.  I have a HUGE (17′ x 26′) flowerbed on the front of my house, & it is the only spot in my entire yard that gets sunlight.  So, I cut the old, dying plants/weeds down to their stumps, then pulled up all the roots (Wow, was that work!), & I recently planted Red Yuccas, Crate Myrtle shrubs, Lantana, Mexican Heather, a nectarine tree, & a Sago Palm.





No roots

Roots have been pulled & stumps are gone!

red yuccas

Red Yuccas!

I haven’t taken a final picture yet because I need to add more mulch…’cause you know the 12 bags I used wasn’t even close to enough.  #gardeningproblems

What I’m dreading…

Let’s have some real talk, shall we?  By night, I blog & recap my shows.  By day, I’m a project manager in the Energy Sector here in Houston; I’m basically responsible for roughly 200 consultants.  Our company is in the process of switching our accounting system, which I think is a fantastic move.  However, I’m not getting all the information up front & I’m getting mostly trained on parts of the system that I don’t need/won’t have access to.  We are supposed to go live this week (it’s Wednesday!), & not only do I have to know how to use it for myself, but I have to explain it to 200 other people.  I’m dreading this because I’m anticipating the chaos.  I clearly have control issues…

What I’m working on…

This is going to sound weird, but my New Year’s Resolution was to take better care of my skin.  So, not only is Sunday my hair washing day, it is also my beauty pampering day.  I usually do a face mask, foot mask, & hand treatment of some kind.  This past Sunday I did a foot mask that causes your feet to peel 3-5 days later…well, my feet are peeling!  So, I’m working on peeling the layers of dead skin off my feet, & what’s underneath is smooth as a baby’s butt.  The smoothness lasts for a few months!  I know, I know…it’s kinda gross.

What I’m excited about…

I’m excited about a trip I hope to take with a few friends in the fall.  It will be a road trip from Charleston to New Hampshire & back!  I’ve never been to the East Coast – I always tend to go West, so I’m super excited to see the changing leaves.  I want to go apple picking, get drunk on syrup, & go on a moose tour!

What I’m watching & reading…

Watching: Southern Charm!  I love it!!!  You can read all my recaps here.

Reading: Y’all know I love my cheesy romance novels; I finished one over the weekend & am half way through another one.  Novels

What I’m listening to…

I’ve been listening to all The Bachelorette Recaps!  My favorites are from: The Popcast, Here to Make Friends, & Will You Accept This Rose.

What I’m wearing…

I’m living in my flip flops!  Also linen pants are my favs to wear to the office in the summer months…they’re casual, but I can get away with them since they aren’t jeans.

What I’m doing this weekend…

I’ll probably run the errands I put off over Memorial day weekend.  I’ll be getting more mulch, obviously.  I lead an exciting life.  I’ll probably head to the farmer’s market if the weather is nice…I think it’s supposed to rain.

What I’m looking forward to next month…

I plan to take a stay-cation in June.  I’ll be house sitting & dog sitting Lexie for two weeks & the house has a pool!  Yes, please!pool

What else is new…

I’m curious to know if any of you have any auto immune issues?  I feel like I do, but I know they take time to diagnose.  In the last month, my finger tips (the pads of my fingers) have peeled twice.  A friend of mine said that is a symptom of thyroid issues, which is the immune issue I think I have.  I alluded to my health a few WUW posts ago, & have since kind of given up on a diagnosis.  My GP told me I was fat (yes, I know I’m overweight); an Internist, having only met me once, told me I was crazy.  I ventured out on my own to an Endocrinologist who said I don’t have thyroid issues yet, but I will – whatever that means. Are any of y’all going through something similar?

Bonus: What’s my favorite vacation spot…

I have to say, one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on was to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, which is a 30 minute ferry ride from Cancun.  It is a little 6 mile long island.  Most people walk, drive mopeds, or golf carts.  I went there to babysit, & it was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever been on.  Thank you Maureen & Amy!  We stayed in a house, & it was literally house -> pool -> road -> beach.  So dreamy!

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