The Bachelor: The Women’s Bios

Okay, so I’m not going to lie…  The bios were so boring!  The women were all beautiful, & the photo quality has vastly improved, but there were no weird careers, no obvious red flags, etc.  I was pleasantly surprised by the ages, 7 our of 29 were over 30, I believe only 2 were under 25, & 1 refused to give her age (I hear she’s 22).  Their ages & the fact that one girl has a pixie cut & one has a bob is really the most diverse thing about this cast, sadly.  There are usually more people from Texas, this time we get one & her profile is lacking.

I finally watched The Bachelor intro from a couple weeks past…  I’m guessing that ABC is trying to trick us with the boring bios.  I have few comments: 1) Bekah will now be known as Tinkbekah.  She is basically Tinkerbell come to life & hates to wear a bra.  Tinkerbekah

2) Tia is Raven’s BFF & I low key love her.

3) Kendall has a warehouse full of taxidermy.

4) Chelsea is a mom, not a bitch… I don’t think that’s how that works???

I’d like to reiterate how boring the bios are.  The trailer looks much better, tears & all that.  I starred some women that I think are ones to watch.w1w2w3w4

Okay, so tomorrow is officially JanuARIE!  I’ll  be live Tweeting the premier & my recap will be up on Tuesday.

Happy New Year,

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