The Bachelor: The “Bekah-ning”

You guys!  This episode was so much better than last week!  Arie has upgraded from human oatmeal to human Greek yogurt.  I would have said cottage cheese, but I hate cottage cheese.  Plain Greek yogurt isn’t great either, but when you add stuff to it it gets so much better.  Maybe by the end of the season we’ll have a parfait?  Although, he still likes to go to bed early, drink wine, & kiss, but he finally said more than “amazing” & “awesome.”

Chris Harrison showed up early to announce that they were traveling…to South Lake Tahoe, basically the Cancun of Lake Tahoe.  Arie stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, while the women stayed in Kendall’s dream house.

First One-on-One Date: Seinne “Let’s Let Our Love Soar.”

Y’all I love Seinne!  I’ve taken tow Bachelor quizzes recently & got Seinne both times.  Does this mean we’re destined to be best friends?  So, Arie & Seinne go parasailing over Lake Tahoe, which I have to think was super chilly as this was filmed in November-ish.  Meanwhile, back at the lodge the ladies spy on them because the producers conveniently left binoculars out on the balcony.  Seinne really did the heavy lifting until Arie finished his meal & he finally started reciprocating the conversation.  However, I think she is far too good for Arie, & I hope she becomes the next Bachelorette or leaves the franchise all together.

During their date, Maquel got a call that her grandpa passed away.  Sad face.  I’m always curious as to why people use the term “passed away” versus “died.”  Personally, I use both but in different context.  If someone is sick or old, they pass away.  But, if there was an accident or something more gruesome, they died.  For example:
– My dad passed away, when I was 24, from a rare fungal pneumonia.
– Two kids died in a school shooting in Kentucky last week.
PS – both of these things actually happened.

Group Date: Chelsea, Krystal, Becca, Marikh, Ashley, Jacqueline, Jenna, Tia, Kendall, Lauren, Brittany, Caroline “Will Our Love Survive?”

I kinda loved this date, which is weird because nature stuff is not my thing.  I’m more of a look at the pretty nature through the window kind of a gal.  I’m not going to wipe my ass with a leaf, I’m not going to eat bugs, not for me.  Sorry Kendall.  So, ABC brought in a really high profile survivor expert & his wife to teach the women about survival in the forest.  They were supposed to pee in a canteen & drink, but Arie rescued them from having to “drink” it.

So, then women split into teams & had to navigate their way over the river & through the woods to find the chalet (was it a chalet?).  Arie’s team won, of course, & they celebrated by stripping down to itty bitty, teeny weeny, yellow polka-dot bikinis & getting in the heated pool.  Arie bee-lined for Krystal & showed her a smidge of PDA in front of Tia & Caroline.  Caroline & Tia poked fun at the situation by mimicking Arie & Krystal & joking around.  Of course Krystal took it personally, when they were really making fun of the situation as a whole & more directed towards Arie.

According to Krystal, all the women are desperate & aggressive for attention by being enthusiastic for the date.   Wasn’t she the one last week that claimed she’d be aggressive if needed?

Now, just sit right there, & let me tell you how Krystal became the villain of Bellaire The Bachelor.

  1. The ever changing voice was the first red flag.
  2. She is so obsessed with Arie, she acts as if she has already won him & the other women are just white noise.
  3. She also thinks she is better than all the other women because they are “so insecure.” Krystal
  4. Thanks to her one-on-one, she now knows where he lives.  Big mistake.  Huge.
  5. Her manipulation of situations & turning it in her favor as the victim.
  6. She’s a narcissist & possible sociopath.Narcissist DefinitionSociopth Definition
  7. She purposefully whispers, so people have to lean into her – giving her “the upper hand.”

I did appreciate that Arie did take charge a bit at the After Party, by singling women out for one-on-one time.  FINALLY!  Outside of that, Krystal stirred up drama with all the woman, but specifically singled out Tia & Caroline.  Tia was not having it & I was living for it!

Second One-on-One Date: TinkerBekah – I didn’t catch the date card on this one.

I have to confess, I am on Team TinkerBekah!  Actually, I love the other Becca too – she is giving me Katherine from Sean Lowe’s season vibes.  We kinda don’t see much of her & then she’ll wind up in the top 4.

So Arie takes TinkerBekah horseback riding.  He insisted on helping her on the horse, but I’m pretty sure he wanted an excuse to touch her butt.  Then they get “so naked” in a hot  barrel bucket tub.

At dinner, they were talking – you know as one does on a  date.  Then TinkerBekah says, “Wait, do you know how old I am?”  She confesses that she is only 22 & Arie is shocked-ish.  He says, “you are so young.  I mean, I knew you were young, but not this young.  Have you ever dated? (long pause) A guy my age?”

Let’s just recap the age gaps between the women & Arie:
Bekah, age 22 – 14 year age gap
Maquel, age 23 – 13 year age gap
Ashley & Lauren, age 25 – 11 year age gap
Jacqueline, Kendall, & Tia, age 26 – 10 year age gap
Becca, Marikh, & Seinne, age 27 – 9 year age gap
Jenna, age 28 – 8 year age gap
Chelsea & Krystal, age 29 – 7 year age gap

Please notice that the two closest in age to Arie, are the ones most of us like the least.  However, ABC tricked us into thinking Chelsea would be the “Olivia” villain on night one.  Obviously, Krystal is the lunatic this season…and in real life.

Now as someone whose parents were 10 years apart in age, big age differences are not a deal breaker for me.  However, my parents met when my dad was 40 & Mama J was 30.  I don’t think TinkerBekah’s age would be an issue if she was say 30 & he was 44, but I do agree that 22 is super young, compared to a 36 year old – mostly in life experience though.  I’m not sure TinkerBekah has ever had to pay bills, sign a contract, deal with the death of close family members, or any of the obstacles life may throw at you between 22 & 36, but I digress.

All of this was a waste of time though because Arie gave her the rose & made out with her.  We knew this would happen,as she has been in the Italy promos since the beginning.  Arie

At the cocktail party, Chris Harrison interrupts Krystal’s lecture speech to inform the ladies that there will be no cocktail party.  Hallelujah!

Rose Ceremony: S22E4 Rose Ceremony

The only 30yo left got sent home, RIP Brittany.  Caroline went home too, which I was shocked by.

Favorite Tweets: S22E4.1S22E4.2S22E4.3S22E4.4S22E4.5S22E4.6S22E4.7

What did y’all think of the episode?  We’re all hating Krystal, right?

Kiss Hug,

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