The Bachelor: Doe, A Dear

Okay, so it’s Sunday afternoon before Women Tell All.  It’s been raining cats & dogs here in Houston, TX…so what better time to recap Arie’s hometowns while finishing up Bachelor: Winter Games.

This is going to be quick because I refuse to re-watch this boring episode.

Kendall’s hometown: Los Angeles, CA

  • Arie & Kendall stuffed Stuart Little & Templeton and then made them get married.
  • We met Kendall’s twin sister Kylie – the original Kendall & Kylie!  Kris Jenner really missed an opportunity to name Rob Kolton.
  • Kendall’s family is unimpressed with Arie.  Her dad told him that Kendall is not the one for him & didn’t give his “blessing.”

Tia’s hometown: Weiner, AR

  • Tia has a cousin named Rhonda – this is the most Tia thing I’ve ever learned.
  • Apparently, Tia & Arie had dinner with Raven & Adam.  Why didn’t we see this?
  • Tia’s dad is going to learn how to Google if Arie hurts Tia.
  • Is it really a party if pigs in a blanket are not served?

Becca’s hometown: Minneapolis, MN

  • Becca takes Arie apple picking, which looked delightful but so cold.
  • I love Becca’s family…even though I was initially scared of Uncle Gary.
  • Arie seemed the most relaxed on this date.
  • Arie & Becca have a lot of sexual innuendos in their conversations.

Becca: My uncle is a pastor.
Arie: Any advice on how I make that conversation go good?
Me: Learn some f*cking grammar.

Lauren’s hometown: Virgina Beach, VA

  • The saying, “I got it from my mama,” has never been more true than Lauren & her mother.
  • Arie is super nervous.
  • Lauren was brave to wear denim on the beach.  Who does that?
  • Based on this super boring hometown, I think Arie & Lauren will be happily boring after.

Rose Ceremony:

Arie pulls Kendall aside at the beginning of the Rose Ceremony.  Tia, insecure, says that “Kendall makes the least sense.”  She’s not wrong, but I hate that these comments only come out in her moments of insecurity.  S22E8 Rose Ceremony

Tia went home, ugly crying all the way.  She got the Bachelorette edit.  Did the right woman go home?

Favorite Tweets: S22E8.1S22E8.2S22E8.3S22E8.4S22E8.5S22E8.6

Tonight is my favorite episode of the Season, Women Tell All.  I hope the women are savage to Krystal!  I can’t wait to see TinkerBekah again.

Kiss Hug,

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