RHOD – My Thoughts on the Cast

Okay y’all, I’m resurrecting my recaps for this season of Real Housewives of Dallas.  Season 4 starts tonight!  Cast photo

Let me first start by saying I do not know anything about the new cast member, not even her name, so she will be left out of this post.  I also hear that Cary asked to be a “friend of” this season to concentrate on her new show.  I’m not sure if this one will be Bravo affiliated.

Let me also preface this by letting you know that I do not know anything of these ladies outside of the Bravosphere, & don’t follow any of them on socials.  My opinions are strictly based on editing the show.

Let’s start with Brandi Redmond.  Brandi Redmond

I kinda like Brandi, though most days I could go either way with her.  I think she’s funny, a bit conniving but in a ‘give LeeAnne a run for her money’ kind of way.  The baby voice has got to go.

Next up is LeeAnne Locken. leeanne-lockena

Okay, I know I’ll get skewered for this, but I can’t stand LeeAnne.  To be fair, I hate her “role” in every city of the franchise.  You know the woman who treats people exceptionally bad, then apologizes “if she hurt your feelings,” with her fingers crossed behind her back.  Then in her next confessional she is explaining how she didn’t mean a word of it, & it was all the other person’s fault.  That’s LeeAnne.  It’s also Vicki, Vanderpump, Nene, Karen Huger, Teresa Gudice, & Ramona.  I can’t stand any of them!

Stephanie Hollman is sweet as apple pie y’all.  Her husband is awful, but over all she is your typical good time gal.  I like her a lot, I feel like she is actually a good person in real life.  Stephanie Hollman

Okay, we are to my least favorite HW in Dallas…Kameron Wescott.  Kameron Prescott

First off, I hate the way she spells her name; I blame her parents for that.  Kam is basically a robot, but not the AI robot that’s going to take over your job at Amazon.  She is more like the cardboard robot I built in 4th grade for a school project.  Kameron wants to be Elle Woods (she has literally compared herself to my beloved Reese), and she might be smart-ish enough to be Elle Woods, but she will never be clever enough.  At most Kameron is a Stepford Wife, with a side of bitchy. Stepford Wife

Last up is D’Andra Simmons. D'Andra Simmons

I know LeeAnne’s fan club hate D’Andra, & I have heard that she has questionable political affiliations, but like I said above I know nothing of these women outside of the show.  I kinda have a love/hate relationship with D’Andra.  I think she is a tragic product of her environment from Mama Dee.  Her relationship with her mom is hard to watch & cringe worthy most of the time, in the Dynasty/Knots Landing kind of way.  I like the friendship she formed with Brandi last season, & I hear that she & LeeAnne fail try to mend their friendship this season.  We shall see…

What do you think of the cast?  Who’s your favorite?

My recap of the first episode will be up by the end of the week.

Kiss Hug,

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