Fredericksburg, TX Wine Country

Y’all, this post is long, long, LONG overdue.  In December 2018, I celebrated my 35th birthday with a wine weekend in Fredericksburg, TX.  Yes, you read that correctly – 2018. Better late than never, right?  Also, now I’m 36. HAHA.

I love having a birthday in December, but they are hard to plan for, & quite frankly after a certain age I don’t think birthdays really need to be celebrated with a party.  Dinners are always accepteable!  So, way back in 2018 my birthday, December 14th, fell on a weekend.  I out sent out a “feelers” email to my friends & family, in October, asking if they would be interested in a girl’s weekend in the “Texas Wine Country,” as I know with the holidays it can be tricky to make plans.  I wasn’t going to do anything if no one was interested, but true to form we all wanted to booze it up!

We stayed the weekend in Hye, TX at my friend Katy’s ranch.  Thank you Katy, Bob, and Beth!  Hye is a blink-and-miss-it kind of town between Fredericksburg & Johnson City.

In early November, I sent out an evite so people had plenty of time to RSVP & plan accordingly.

This was such a great group of women!  It was a combo of work friends, non-work friends, my mom, my aunt, & a few cousins, & Katy’s parents.  I think Bob enjoyed being the only dude.  HA!  For their privacy, I’m not posting any pictures of the ranch itself; however, I will post our itinerary for the weekend.  As per ushe, I was very specific but this time it strictly for reservations & so the gals could make sure they brought cash to cover the cost of their tastings.  We did have transportation all day, so no driving for us drunky-poos. 8939EFB3-B74D-477D-AED5-3494E6F77C62

This was the itinerary, & we pretty much stuck to it until the end. 70C0297D-EC85-43F6-AFDD-ED2CD01166F2

So, everyone arrived at the ranch between 2-4pm.  Around 4 we headed over to Narrow Path since it was our neighbor!  Quick & easy.  PS – this was a rare cold AF weekend in Texas.

About half of us went to dinner at East Main Grill in downtown Johnson City.  Their honey pecan fried chicken was delicious!  After dinner, my cousin, Kimberly & I were the only ones brave enough to face the cold to look at the amazing Christmas Lights at the Perdernales Electric Company.  I have no words to describe their beauty, & the pictures do not do them justice.  I linked the company’s website so you can look at other better photos.

Saturday was kind of fluid in that a couple of friends met us at the ranch early.  A couple of people also left early.  My mom & aunt skipped the last winery & went to the local flea market (Trade Days) instead.  We specifically went to the place farthest from the ranch first, and then worked our way back.  I know, I know, I’m such a genius…modest too.

We started with Lost Draw Cellars, and I was most excited about this place because I had never been there.  I had tried one of their rosés at Hye Market on a previous trip.  This place is a block or two off the Main Street in Fredericksburg where all the shops are.  What I specifically loved about LDC, is that our wine guide noticed that my mom & aunt (who were sitting on opposite ends of the table) weren’t really drinking much of the wines.  He discretely asked Mama J if there was a problem; when she said they only like sweet wines (gross) he brought them two of their sweetest wines so they would have something to drink & enjoy the experience.  I LOVED that! 3660A20A-E665-4DE0-BCB6-B7D2915083AF

Next we headed over to Signor Vineyards.  This place is gorgeous, but I have no pictures of the grounds – check out their website.  The facilities were designed by Magnolia, you know Chip & Joanna.  Just imagine crisp, clean white & black finishes with a Spanish influence.

I loved that at Signor, you can customize your tasting by selecting 5 wines out of 8 options. BB609852-968B-4539-B2EA-9658A58EA0B9

Okay, by this point I was nicely buzzed and did not take any more pictures.

We ended the day at William Chris Vineyards.  Instead of moving on to Perdernales Cellars after, we just hung out at William Chris until they closed.  Katy’s parents know the owners of William Chris and are frequent patrons.  We had to behave for a bit here because TABC (Texas Alcohol & Beverage Commission) was there making a surprise inspection.

We did a full tasting, had an awesome cheese board, & then finished with a couple bottle of wines after.

Side note, I got stung by a wasp twice here.  It hurt like a b****!  I had no idea that wasps could sting more than once, unlike bees.

To round out the day, we continued drinking at the ranch, had my famous minestrone soup for dinner, & had cake (Mama J made me a spice cake!).  The night was very low key; pretty sure I was in bed by 9:30p.

Sunday morning we were all on the road by noon.

Some notes for your trip:

  1. Get a driver, so worth it!
  2. If you are from central Texas, this could easily be a day trip.  If you are from Houston, Dallas, or farther you will probably want to overnight.  There are quite a few really cute B&Bs all around Fredericksburg.
  3. There is plenty for dudes to do too.  In addition to the explosion of wineries, there has been an influx of breweries & distilleries as well.
  4. In the last 15 years, the wine has vastly improved! Can we get a hallelujah!
  5. If you have a group of 5+, I would make reservations where possible.
  6. There is great shopping in Fredericksburg, so be sure to check it out.
  7. Trade Days (flea market) is every 3rd weekend.  I always find something to take home.

Do y’all have any favorite wineries in the area?  If you’ve never been, give Texas Wine Country a taste!

Kiss Hug,

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