The Bachelorette: Clare Crawley

Y’all, ABC just announced that Clare Crawley will be the next Bachelorette!96C3C46D-DCF6-4EE1-8BAB-677D443C4B83

Some of you may remember Clare from Juan Pablo’s season, as his runner up.  You may remember her from Bachelor in Paradise, twice, talking to raccoons.  Or, you may remember her from Bachelor Winter Games.

I find Clare to be endearing because she stands up for herself & doesn’t take a lot sh*t; however, she always falls for the wrong guy initially.  Always.  We have all done this.  Also, Clare is 38!  Cue the gasps!!!  I truly hope ABC provides age appropriate men for Clare to seriously consider.  I hope her season will bring the Bachelor franchise back to the good old days when we actually believed everyone was there to fine love, as opposed to selling “flat tummy tea” on Instagram.  This is the most exciting pick since Brad Womack’s second season, & Rachel being chosen as the first only black Lead.

I have staunchly boycotted The Bachelor/Bachelorette since they did Becca so dirty with Arie dumping her for his reject…with a split screen.  Gross.  I also have been really disgusted with how young the cast has gotten.  I mean most of their brains are not yet fully developed…that’s not an insult, it is literally science.

As a reminder, Andrew Firestone will always be my GOAT of the franchise.  But, I’m happy to watch in the hopes that the current season will top his…hasn’t happened yet.

Since, I am fully onboard with Clare, I will be back to recapping each episode!  Yea!!!

What about you?  Do think ABC made the right choice?  Does her age bother you?

Until the season starts…

Kiss Hug,

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