Friday Five: Easy Target

Hi Friends!  I’m back for another Friday Five…my favorite things from the week.

One: Mandy Moore

Have y’all heard Mandy Moore’s new album, Silver Landings?  I am loving it!2B645EF4-E833-4ED2-8484-A3840C7C9293

I have been a fan of hers since she released her album, Coverage in 2003, covering songs that I loved growing up.  She covered James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, Blondie, Elton John, etc.

Anyway, Silver Landings is Mandy’s first album since 2009.  2009!  This album has 10 songs, and selfishly I could have used 2 – 5 more songs…it just goes by too fast!  The song “Easy Target” gets stuck in my head & I’m not mad about it.  “If That’s What It Takes” is a beautiful song, gives me all the feels.

Two: Elote Corn Chips

Guys, it’s a love match! IMG_1392

Have you ever had Corn Dip, you know with “Mexi-corn,” mayo, & cheese, that you eat with Frito Scoops?  That is exactly what these Elote chips taste like.  I also bought Everything But the Elote seasoning from Trader Joe’s.  I’m so excited to add that to guacamole.  I think I’m going to crush up some of these chips to use as breadcrumbs for Mac & Cheese or chicken or bacon (say what?).  Hmmm…

Three: Loverly Grey

I started following @loverlygrey on Instagram when I was looking for work wear inspiration about a year ago.  She is a fashion blogger near Atlanta, and can be found here.  Brittany seems like the sweetest person! 0DE51625-9DCB-43E5-97D1-95BBC0BE1CF9She’s expecting baby number 2, so alllllllll the pregnant women I know should check her out.  Brittany also inspired my bob haircut!

Four: Glotion

So, lately I have gotten quite a few comments on how good my skin looks.  I personally don’t think it looks all that special – I have an blemish situation that I am trying to get control of…  The biggest lie teenage girls are ever told by their mothers is that acne will disappear when they become adults.  LIES!!!!

Anyway, I think what people are actually noticing is the glow on my face when wearing makeup.  I owe it all to L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion!  Thank you @whatkatefinds for this coveted recommendation. 0454B29A-49AA-4566-A972-D0EF19CD04B9

I’m so pale, I basically glow in the dark, so I use the lightest shade, but I think it comes in at least three shades.  I like to wear this as a primer for my makeup, but I know some people call pull off wearing it as a tinted moisturizer – lucky them!

Cost: under $12 at any retailer (Target, CVS, my grocery store)

Five: Focaccia Bread

Y’all, you need to replace your garlic bread with Trader Joe’s Raosted Tomato & Parmesan Bread.  First, it looks so fancy.  Second, it is delicious!

Okay, that’s all she wrote folks!  Are y’all liking my Friday Five?  I was thinking every once in awhile of doing a post of five things I don’t like or one thing I don’t like.  Would that be interesting?

Hope you all have a great, germ free weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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