The Bachelorette: Clare’s Dudes

Hi friends!  I hope y’all are practicing your social distancing. 🙂

Okay, so we now know who Clare Crawley’s men are.  It has been a few seasons since I have paid attention to the cast (thanks a lot Arie for ruining the franchise for years to come).  The show has stated that production is on hiatus due to CV-19, so we will see how that will affect the premiere date of May 18.  I wonder if The Bachelorette will still premiere on the 18th, but still be filming the season?

Let’s dive into the dudes.  I would like to preface this by saying – out of 32 guys, only 9 are over the age of 30.  As a reminder Clare is 38, & will turn 39 during her season.  Since we don’t have full bios, below is purely my first impression.

84670B28-C5D2-44B4-8964-76FF239A05F3     1CBE2531-DC65-43D1-9A4B-1F32470D8F3A

Aaron is our first person over 30 (1).  He looks like a Hallmark movie lead & I’m not complaining.  Alex is from Dallas, the only Texas city represented this season.  He looks like he’d be friends with the guy from Dallas that met Tia in BIP.

874C04AF-BDCE-401B-89CD-4B9CA2322A56     0C860A4D-9232-49D0-8452-97507221D1F4

Anthony gives me Tom Schwartz vibes from Vanderpump Rules.  Austin gives me AC Slater vibes minus the dimples.

BBBA5E1E-51F4-479C-B539-23F588B3DF74     2D047E72-9718-419C-8794-B0468F369121

Bennett also looks like a Hallmark lead, but hello sir.  So cute.  Blake Monar is cute too & 30 (2).  Hope Clare likes tattoos.

6949E461-85C9-4258-A230-4142BC71DBC8     A79A6125-96E6-4E01-A260-6317B26DAB7D

Blake Moynes looks like a super nice lumberjack.  Bret’s name is spelled wrong, but he is age appropriate at 42 (3) – the only person already older than Clare.

6AA40EE2-5AC9-49D9-B07F-1877999A03E0     EC5ADAC4-837B-4EC4-9DB3-F3D96899B892

I feel like we all know a dude like Cameron.  Cameron apparently has a very problematic, misogynistic IG page.  Yea, Chad Johnson 2.0.  Chris looks like he could be a serial killer, or you know like totally normal.  He could go either way.

0341E1DA-4E76-4838-9D25-4066FC062D2E     4FD94D5D-4FFA-48CE-8D66-DEFC8564C024

Dale is another one over 30 (4), he gives me personal trainer vibes.  Demar gives me Wills vibes.

61A6BB13-69F7-47E0-B402-08C97A56D90A     2F44B817-1F2A-4334-A071-54875D9A4D93

Ed is age appropriate (5), & looks like Joey Tribiany & Aimes (and his red pants) had a love child.  Ellis is going home night 1; he just looks like such a twerp.

6806C14C-5CC3-4214-B17A-E5CCB71F1590     ED2FB706-3139-41BB-A5BD-6AB49D3CC0AE

Both of these guys are too young for Clare.  Grant looks like the football player from Becca’s season that kept getting hurt.  Greg looks like an accountant that still likes to party.

CEA2BC28-449F-4F62-A3F4-F39560D489A7     7A1FE4F0-EB30-455C-B879-2D6BE3EFE683

Ivan looks like a nice guy; he may be the guy that will be around for awhile but you can’t remember him.  Jake – just no.  Does he live in Dean’s van too?

9751D40D-71D8-4F1D-BB60-F3059AE1851C     738B3B74-32A1-4F55-AA14-3292422D21BC

Okay, so James is 23, his brain is not fully developed.  Clare would have been a freshman in high school when he was born.  Hopefully he’ll be gone night 1.  Jay is cute, but weird hair or hairline or both?

44664CA7-D134-4B0A-BB47-1EDF0A048A25     589EDB3E-A5A6-46CB-872E-CE92EBF65CBD

I think Jordan is so cute!  Anyone else think he looks like Nick Viall.  Josh is over 30 (6), not sure Clare will be into him.

7528A615-53E8-4BE0-9F0A-BBB21D52ADC8     A9A836EC-5EC8-442F-B68F-F909DE919F26

Does anyone else think JP looks like Kenny Chesney with hair?  All he needs is the pooka shell necklace.  Karl looks nice & is age appropriate (7).  I may get him & Ivan confused if they both make it past night 1 – they have the same hairline & face shape.

CA6AAA23-3725-45B6-A195-CACBD7501406     C30813D3-ACD1-463B-8C5F-DE06F3E020A1

Matt G. looks like he was looking down & then looked up on the count of three.  Ha!  He’s too young.  Matt J. is Tyler C’s (Hannah B’s season) friend I believe.  Also looks like a personal trainer.

E21A5E14-F362-4874-ACA9-77D8F51E9D62     E3CA0B79-39EB-41C5-A47A-CCA492939236

Mike better be in the Final Four!  He is so pretty and the same age (8) as Clare, & we know she likes Canadians.  Miles is from Shreveport, but looks like a WASP from Connecticut.

B799B641-50FE-4C9D-B888-5C9329BD77E0     B9D10A12-E092-4637-824A-98BE06AB4BC5

Do both of these guys look the same age to you?  They are.  Both are 25, & both are too young for Clare.  Nick looks like Dean, if Dean was raised in the suburbs.  I wonder if he is in IT?  Noah is from Long Beach & totally fits that vibe.  Get rid of the mustache.

B515FB24-C457-4118-A512-F1EB23B8345D     7703B99A-3EC2-4222-8323-8636C882DA6A

Tyler gives me a very Richie Cunningham vibe.  Yosef is our last guy over the age of 30 (9).  He looks like he might go by the nickname Brosef.

Like I said above, these are my first impressions based on looks alone.  I may (hopefully) change my mind about some of these guys if/when ABC releases actual bios.

What do you think of Clare’s guys?  Anyone else feel like ABC casted some of these guys with no lead in mind?  I guess they have to do that to a certain degree based time constraints.

Anyway, I hope everyone is staying safe out there & being responsible.

Until next time…

Kiss Hug,

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