My Week in Podcasts

Hi friends!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  On Saturday, I inventoried my freezer, fridge, & pantry; I decided I did indeed have plenty of food & did not need to venture out to the grocery store.  Sunday I broke down & went to the farmer’s market & the grocery store.  What is wrong with me???  Everything I wanted to make was missing 1 or 2 ingredients.

Y’all, I went to H-E-B and it was the least busy I had ever seen it.  I have to say the grocery store was pretty well stocked aside from toilet paper, butter, and paper towels.  The employees were so incredibly nice, if not exhausted.  When I got to my car I cried.  I’m not exactly sure why other than I felt grateful for these hard workers, worried for the elderly gentleman I saw debating which can of beans to get, or grieving for what has happened thus far & what will come in a few weeks.  The scary thing is that COVID-19 is still in infancy in the US, & won’t peak until mid to late April.  That is scary.

Anyway, today’s post is about all the podcasts I listen to.  I’m a HUGE podcast fan & these are majorly helping me get through this! 61E70703-3AF0-4509-893B-477F5DF1B23BLet’s get to it…in day order & the order that I generally listen to them.  I know, I’m neurotic – just go with it.


  1. Start Here – this is an ABC News podcast that is about 15 minutes long with all the news from the last 24 hours.  I would say it is politically neutral.
  2. What A Day – also a daily news podcast, but the hosts are my age (younger?) so it feels more relatable.  This one leans left politically.
  3. Pod Save America – Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, & Tommy Vietor host Monday’s episode of PSA.  This comes out at the end of the day (around 5pm), so I usually listen to this one while making dinner.  The Monday episodes basically cover what has happened in the US news over the weekend & Monday during the day.  This one is definitely left, but has so much good information regardless of your political affiliation.


  1. Start Here
  2. What A Day
  3. Dumb, Gay Politics – I have no idea how I found this pod, but I loved the hosts Julie & Brandy on The People’s Couch on Bravo.  To be honest, I usually skip the first 10 – 20 minutes when they talk about the gifts people sent them.  However, they are funny & I like their take on world events.  Their deep dive into Mitch McConnell was shocking & fascinating (because I’m dumb – see what I did there?).
  4. Bad on Paper – I actually usually save this one for later in the week, but I love Becca & Grace.  They give such good recommendations from books (obviously) to beauty products to who to follow on IG.


  1. Start Here
  2. What A Day
  3. The Popcast – this is my GOAT.  So funny!  Knox & Jamie, the hosts, also recap The Bachelor/ette on Patreon & it is absolutely worth the $7 a month to be a BFOT.
  4. Pod Save the World – the hosts, Ben & Tommy, used to work for President Obama.  They are how I keep up with stuff going on in the world, not just the US.


  1. Start Here
  2. What A Day
  3. Pod Save America – this one is hosted by Jon Favreau & Dan Pfeiffer.  PSA on Thursdays catches me up on everything that has happened since Monday’s pod.  It also usually includes an interview with someone in the political realm.
  4. Hysteria – the main host is Erin Ryan.  She has a short conversation with Alyssa Mastromonaco who also worked for Obama.  I love that every week Erin speaks with 3-4 smart, capable women about things that matter to women.
  5. Bitch Sesh – I LOVE this podcast hosted by Casey Wilson & Danielle Schneider.  They breakdown my beloved Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, & Southern Charm.  They are hilarious!!!


  1. Start Here
  2. What A Day
  3. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi – I really like this financial podcast.  Farnoosh puts out an episode on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays.  I only listen to the Friday episodes, as 3 days a week seems like a big commitment.  I prefer Friday because it is specific to listener questions & much shorter than the interviews; I find it really helpful to hear other people’s money questions.
  4. Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan – Mehdi is a very no nonsense interviewer about politics.  On one episode Mehdi was interviewing Tom Steyer; he flat out told Tom to drop out of the race & spend his money for Climate Change another way.  It was wild.


  1. Lovett or Leave It – hosted by Jon Lovett.  This show is a hilarious take on the events from the week.


Sundays are catch up days if I missed any throughout the week.


  1. America Dissected: Coronavirus – I’m new to this podcast, obviously because it is about COVID-19.  It is hosted by Abdul El-Sayed; he is an Epidemiologist & usually interviews another medical expert.
  2. Here to Make Friends – Emma & Claire host a Bachelor recap pod.  Both ladies write for the Huffington Post, & recap the Bachelor from a feminist perspective.


  1. Be There in Five – I’m new to this podcast, in fact I’m on my first episode.  Kate Kennedy is the host & I’ve heard her on other podcasts.  I have to listen to this in increments as her episodes are well over an hour.
  2. NPR: Fresh Air – I love NPR podcasts.  This particular one puts out multiple episodes a week, & I pick and choose which episodes to listen to.

As you can tell, I listen to hours worth of podcasts everyday.  What can I say?  I like to be informed about numerous topics.

What podcasts do y’all like?  Any that I should listen to?  I’m not a huge true crime person…obviously.

Until next time…

Kiss Hug,

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