RHONY Recap: Bend Over & Show Me Your Name

Hey guys, did you know that Leah has tattoos?  Oh my god, this episode was ridiculous. Okay, this recap will be short & sweet.

Leah made the mistake of telling Sonja that she had a tramp stamp, among other tattoos, with her name.  Sonja relayed the info to Dorinda.  The game of Telephone starts…

All the ladies go up to Ramona’s house in the Hamptons for the weekend.  One by one, the ladies stuck their foot in their mouths regarding tattoos, none of them will talk to or sleep with someone with a tattoo.  No one messed it up better than Dorinda.  I believe her exact words were, “If we forget your name, you can just bend over.”  Something along those lines.  Dorinda was taught as a child that someone with tattoos will kidnap you…  Keep in mind this is only the second time Dorinda has met Leah.  Leah was not impressed. 2DC32DA0-776F-468E-9989-23485EDC6D37

Honestly, I do think Dorinda was trying to be funny; however, Leah doesn’t know Dorinda so it was too much too soon.  Dorinda did later confess to Sonja that she was going through a lot personally & was lashing out at everyone.  Tinsley rightly pointed out that that does not excuse bad behavior.

LuAnn was also there, b****ing about the room she got a Ramona’s house.  Y’all, I don’t understand why ALL the housewives complain about their rooms so much.  When I travel, I am only in my room to sleep.  I could not care less which room I got.

By the end of the episode, all the women seemed to be okay with each other, including Leah & Dorinda.

Really, that’s all that happened.  Looks like next week will be more interesting.

Have a good weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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