What’s Up Wednesday: April 2020

Hi friends!  Can you believe we are almost done with April?  March had 549 days, but April has only had 3…weird.  Today is my WUW post where I link up with other bloggers & just give a little update on life & such. D4181699-7DFE-49CC-9185-B7985BF653C3

What I’m eating?

I’m not sure I’ve shared this on a WUW, but as soon as I started social distancing I made a list of all the food in my house.  The list was categorized by: freezer, refrigerator, pantry, countertop (produce), & leftovers.  As I eat things, they get crossed off.  This has helped rein me in from going to the grocery store more often than I really need to. 9F69899A-C8BC-42AB-ADC0-1C102C9784E7

I might continue this post CV-19.  It is so satisfying to cross stuff off!

What I’m reminiscing about?

Restaurants!  I’ll be honest, for the most part the pandemic has not altered my day-to-day.  However, I miss going to restaurants – looking at a menu, not having to cook the food, not having to do the dishes…sounds like the best dream.  So. Many. Dishes.

What I’m loving?

Y’all, I’ve become a plant lady.  I’m obsessed with my Tower Garden.  My seedlings have been in the tower for about 2.5 weeks now.  Still no edible produce, but things are happening! DA7E4882-9309-4FFA-8C5D-95A64E7C8F0C

What I’ve been up to?

I have been experimenting a lot with essential oil diffuser blends.  I’m really into anything that goes well with Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood at the moment.

What I’m dreading?

The ducks.  We have two ducks that have adopted our street, & they seem to have specifically taken my yard hostage.  On Monday, I caught my neighbor in the act of feeding the ducks!  Y’all, I am terrified of birds – all birds.  They came at me twice yesterday.  It makes checking on my tower garden dangerous…by my standards.  I need walk to the mailbox & bring in my trashcan later today & I’m scared.  This is definitely a case where I am more afraid of them than they are of me, & they let me know it.  😦

What I’m working on?

Last week I downloaded a free trial of AutoCAD.  I kept having these ideas for a house, so I needed to get them down.  My creative outlets are always very structured & linear, so drawing floorpans is the perfect outlet.

What I’m excited about?

I’m super excited to have someone come out to my house & clean up the leaves in my yard, trim my trees, & plant some oleanders I bought last weekend.

This is currently my back yard. Yikes. 60B60D38-38C1-4CA8-88C6-E6040536CF8B

What I’m watching & reading?

Mrs. America on Hulu is so good!  Is there anything that James Marsden is not in?  Cate Blanchett is one of those actresses that I love, but always forget about because she never has a role where she plays a present day person.  Her roles always involve quite a bit of costume, but she is incredibly talented.4BA9B7DB-E30E-4F70-B447-3260F55E1EAF

I’ve had a tough time reading lately, so I had to switch to easy reading.  I’m into historical romance at the moment – specifically the Untouchables Series by Darcy Burke; she has 10 books in this particular series & they are all around 200 pages.  Quick reads!

What I’m listening to?

I’m super into the band Lake Street Drive at the moment.  They’ve been around for awhile, but they are new to me. B0C4F3C5-5262-48F3-A1F1-809C34475C04_1_201_a

What I’m wearing?

Pandemic or not, I work from home.  So, for my sanity I wear jeans M-F, & pandemic pants on weekends.  I’m currently wearing my favorite Madewell jeans (mine are sold-out, but these are similar) & my pink #pimpinjoy sweatshirt – it’s rainy here & I’m cold.

What I’m doing this weekend?

Still nothing.  Texas will be reopening restaurants, but I think its too soon so I will be reading & watching tv.  I’m going to rewatch The Mindy Project.

What I’m looking forward to next month?

I’m debating on whether or not I should go visit Mama J on Mother’s Day Weekend.  Should I go & behave normally for the whole weekend, or do I go for the day, drop off her gift, & stay 6 feet away with my mask on?  I conflicted.  Anyone have any thoughts?

What else is new?

Not a lotta.

I’ll see y’all back here on Friday, for my Friday Five!

Kiss Hug,

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2 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday: April 2020

  1. I love the way you’ve organized your food. I should do that too so I can see everything. That would be so helpful!

    And I’ve been having a hard time focusing on reading too. My friend introduced me to Lisa Kleypas (regency romance) for the win! Yay!


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