Friday Five: Who knew there was a fence?

E69E6C8C-FE02-48C9-9B30-10EAA1E1DDBF_4_5005_cHi friends!  Can you believe it’s already May?  How was March the longest month in the history of calendars, & April flew by?

Let’s get into it, shall we?

One: Lake Street Drive

Okay, so I recently discovered some new music, my favorite being Lake Street Drive.  I’m sure they’ve been around for awhile, but this album has been my playlist this week. B0C4F3C5-5262-48F3-A1F1-809C34475C04_1_201_a

Favorite Song: “Good Kisser”

Two: Protein Pancakes

Confession time.  I hate to make pancakes.  Love to eat ’em, hate to make ’em.  So, I buy frozen.  At the beginning of the pandemic I bought Kodiak Power Flapjacks on an impulse.  I just opened them this week…   C74F3A64-97B7-4A0D-A794-021DA62DBFDA

There are 4 packs of three pancakes, which are about the size of my palm.  Y’all, these are so good!  They taste just like buttermilk pancakes with no protein powder taste at all.

Three: Makeup Remover

I hesitate to share this product with you because I don’t want y’all to buy all the stock. 😉 Kidding!  This Bliss Eye Makeup Remover Gel is amazing!  I hate a greasy makeup remover, but this gel is the opposite of that. D73F27B1-EBF4-4E66-BB6A-CD5CE73DC896

The one caveat is that this can be hard to find, so when you do – buy multiple!  I have found it on Amazon, Ulta, & rarely at Target.

Four: Pomelo

Now that is officially Spring, I have officially switched to white wine exclusively (red is for Fall & Winter).  Lately, I’ve been more into “light” chardonnays, but I want to share a Sauvingnon Blanc.  Pomelo is currently my favorite; it’s not at all heartburn-y, which is the mark of a bad wine for me. 74F93968-C5C9-48CC-9684-2A98FF79C0E0

This Sauv. Blanc is crisp & refreshing, not too sweet.  It is under $15 & I buy it a Target.

Five: Backyard

So, I have a love/hate relationship with my yard, specifically my backyard.  It is completely useless.  The way my house was built, I have to go out my back door (outside) & then go into my garage door to get to the washer & dryer…also my car.

Anyways, if it is dark or raining I basically don’t do laundry…like I needed a reason to avoid laundry.  So, here’s the deal with my yard – it has so many trees that nothing else can grow.  Sunlight does not reach the ground.  The canopy holds in moisture & all the bugs.  I now have a massive hatred for pine trees & pine needles.

This week I hired someone to come clean up all the leaves & trim the trees.  Here is before & after.

Who knew there was a fence back there?  There is still some more work to be done, which should hopefully happen today.  Any ideas for possibly getting grass (or anything really) to grow?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Kiss Hug,

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