Friday Five: Poppin’ Cherries


Hi friends!  Whew!  This week has been a total dumpster fire, I am so glad it’s over.  I don’t even have it in me to write out “chit chat,” so let’s get straight to the reason we’re all here. 😉

One: Hot Honey

Have y’all tried hot honey?  Maybe I’m late to this game, but hot honey is the new buffalo sauce in my opinion.  I’ve been using Mike’s Hot Honey, but are there any other brands I need to try?  Honey in general is so good for you, but this particular brand is paleo & gluten free.  I don’t have any gluten issues (thankfully), but I am definitely more conscious about GF products, & often buy them – there are so many good choices on the market these days!

So far, I have used the hot honey on fish, bacon in a BLT, onion rings, & hushpuppies.  Next, I’m going to try it on roasted Brussel sprouts.  Any other foods I should try it on?

Two: My new favorite T-shirt 229997DF-BAAD-4FD9-A32D-BFEAB91CB8EB

I ordered this shirt & wore it for the first time earlier this week.  The staff at Trader Joe’s loved it!  It received quite the chuckle.

Three: Cherry Season!

Cherry season is here & I could not be more excited!  Specifically, I’m excited about Rainier cherries!  They are my favorites.IMG_2072

I bought 2 lbs. from Trader Joe’s & have already eaten at least half a pound.

Four: Bell peppers for everyone

Aren’t my little babies so cute?!? IMG_2073

Isn’t it funny how much the bottom bell pepper already has the shape of a fully grown bell pepper?  These will eventually be orange & I am so excited!  I could basically eat bell peppers like chips.  I don’t…but I should.

This week I have been learning all about boy flowers & girl flowers, after my zucchini shriveled up & died.  The zucchini flowers never got pollenated. 😦 So, now I’m basically trying to get my yellow squash knocked up.  Also, I’m singing “Reproduction” from Grease 2 over & over in my head.  “…make my stamens go berserk. Reproduction. Reproduction.” HAHA.

Five: How to know if you’re racist

My heart has been so heavy this week, so I want to end this post on a serious note.  What has happened over the last few days, even the last month, to our POC friends is disgusting.  It’s always disgusting.  Every. Single. Time.  This has been a particularly gross time, as all of these incidents have been recorded.

George Floyd
Christian Cooper (still alive)
Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Arbery

This is a very small list of men & women of color who did not deserve what happened to them.  We only know about them become someone filmed it.  What about all the ones we never hear about?IMG_2049

Every time a white person starts a story with, “I was talking to a black guy…”  That is covert racism, & totally unnecessary and irrelevant to the story.  Try saying, “I was talking to a person the other day…”  Using the n-word is overt racism – also completely disgusting.

I’m not perfect, not by any means, but I do not believe we are born hating anyone else – this is learned over time.  As a person of privilege, I am pledging to no longer let this go unchecked.  I will call it out & I am learning to be a better ally.  What are you going to do?

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. 😉 Let’s be more kind & better educated going forward.  I hope you have a marvelous weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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