Friday Five: Fall Colors!

Hi friends! Clearly I didn’t post last week; once again I didn’t have five things to tell you about. But, I’m back! I don’t know about where you live, but the sun has been very intense in Texas the last few weeks, and it basically feels like I live on the surface of the sun. Yea…

Anyway, enough about that. Let’s get to my favorite things from the week.

One: Beautiful Lilac Nail Polish

I found this Olive & June nail polish, TT, on clearance at Target, & y’all it is such a pretty lilac color. It is basically white with a pin drop of purple in it.

I’ve had this polish on for a solid 12 days & it is just now starting to chip. I like to challenge myself and see how long I can keep a manicure looking nice. This particular color has probably lasted the longest.

Two: New Recipe

Okay, I have a new side dish you must try! Katie Lee from The Kitchen first made this corn on Instagram, and then made it on an episode of The Kitchen.

This recipe includes fresh corn, basil, toasted sesame seeds, & butter. How can this be bad? Trust me, this is a crowd pleaser!

Three: Nicholas Palmquist

Y’all, I’m a little embarrassed to admit how obsessed I am with Nicholas Palmquist, a dancer & choreographer that I found on Instagram thanks to Erin Moon. Now, I have zero rhythm unless the instructions are explicitly in the song – think the Hokey Pokey, the Macarena, & Cupid Shuffle. HA!

Nicholas Palmquist makes me wish I could dance. I have gone on a deep dive watching his dances on Instagram & YouTube. Hey, what can I say? Jennifer Garner is a fan too! My favorite thing is how he interprets the music – he celebrates the most subtle nuances of the music, which makes each dance for me. Watch the video below & pay close attention to the hands and how they relate to the music, not the words.

Four: Virgin River

My friend Maureen kept telling me to watch this show, & I’m so glad I finally did. If you like Hart of Dixie, Gilmore Girls, or even Men in Trees then you will like Virgin River. The show has a lot of similarities to Hart of Dixie, but is not cutesy at all. The town of Virgin River is place where most of the characters have gone to start over & start a new life. The characters all have a dark past or tragedy they are trying to move on from.

There are 10 episodes in Season 1, & it has been renewed for Season 2. You can watch on Netflix.

Five: Olive & June’s Fall Line

Two Olive & June things this week! They just released their fall colors & I am so excited because two of the colors are inspired by my “Instagram friends” @WhatKateFinds & @_happygocurly_! The mossy green if for Katie, & the toasted coconut color is for Ailsa. The terracotta color is also for @maddy_gutierrez_.

Okay, that’s it for this week. I’ll be dog sitting this weekend & snuggling with 3 cute pups! I hope y’all have fun plans this weekend too. See you back here next Friday!

Kiss Hug,

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