Friday Five: Do I Feel a Nip in the Air?

Hi friends! How has your week been? I started a new job this week, still working from home, so needless to say it has been a busy week. I’m so glad it’s September…it means cooler weather is hopefully on its way! Tuesday morning I thought I felt a little nip in the air while I was turning on the sprinkler…by the time I got back in my house I was sweating. I digress.

My five favorite things from this week are pretty good…if I do say so myself.

One: Melissa Wood Health

So, as of September 1st I started eating meat again. I’m keeping meat to 1 or less meals a day. For my first meal, I went to Whataburger for lunch & got a cheeseburger (the one thing I craved in August).

I think I mentioned last week that my September Challenge was going to be to do a Melissa Wood Health workout everyday for the month. I’m only a few days in & really enjoying it so far. I’ve been sticking to beginner classes just to ease into things.

Two: Essential Oil Face Mask

As most of you know I love my essential oils. One of my favorite oils is Blue Tansy – it smells like fruit roll-ups. Blue Tansy is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal; it’s also fantastic for your skin. I use it in my glow serum that I make.

Well, I recently found out that straight, undiluted Blue Tansy makes an amazing overnight face mask. Yes, you will look like a smurf and I covered my pillows with a towel just to make sure I didn’t stain my pillow cases. The premise is that the oil will soak into your skin & you will wake up glowing the next morning.

I’d say it works!

Three: Meal Planning

Y’all, I just got a meal planning magnet for my fridge. I got this one and I’m loving it already. Isn’t it cute?

Remember my gigantic food inventory from the beginning the pandemic? I feel like this could kinda replace my inventory list because this is magnetized to my fridge, so I can open it to meal plan.

Four: Work the Polls

Did you know Tuesday was National Poll Worker Recruitment Day? Now, I signed up a few weeks ago to work the polls on Election Day, and I have to tell you – I. Am. So. Excited. I signed up specifically so someone in our vulnerable age groups or someone with a compromised immune system could stay home. I signed up thinking it was a volunteer position, but it’s actually paid.

You can sign up here:

Vote Save America

We All Vote

Five: Wreaths

Something you may not know about me, is that I love seasonal wreaths. Especially as we move into Fall & Winter. I bought this double sided wreath hanger, so I can enjoy all the season has to offer! It’s under $10!

That’s it for this week! Hope y’all have a great weekend and end to the summer.

Kiss Hug,

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