Friday Five: Six This Week!

Hi friends! Sorry I didn’t post last week, but I only had 2 favorite things. This week I have six, so let’s get right to it.

One: Ottoman

So, I sold my my coffee table & finally got the leather ottoman of my dreams! I ordered this during a Memorial Day sale & it came last week!

This ottoman is from Pottery Barn, & I got the larger size; the color is Statesville Molasses.

Two: Knives Out

As per ushe, I’m late to the party on this but I finally saw Knives Out. If you loved the game Clue, or love a who-done-it kind of thing this movie is for you. It is cheeky & so fun!

Three: Fall Decor

I am slowly putting out my Fall decor, as I believe the first day of autumn isn’t actually until Tuesday, the 22nd. I had to basically clean & reorganize my garage to find my Fall decor, but that was a good thing to do anyway. I will be tackling my outdoor decor this weekend. This time of year makes me so happy! I love September through January the most.

This is my dining table.

Four: Wraps

My friend Amy introduced me to some new tortilla/pita/wrap things. Y’all, they are so good! We haven’t quite mastered actually wrapping up the insides so that it all stays nice & snug, but for healthy wraps these are really great! They have a really good flavor to them & are very pliable.

Five: New Shirt

I ordered a new shirt last night on the recommendation from Ailsa (IG: @_happygocurly_).

How cute is this shirt? It’s from Alice & Wonder, & 10% of the proceeds from this shirt will be donated to Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund to support on-the-ground efforts to mobilize Black, brown, indigenous, and other marginalized communities that are routinely victims of targeted voter disenfranchisement efforts. 

I don’t even have the shirt yet, but I could not love it more! I think I’ll wear it when I do a shift as a poll worker.

Six: Target

Y’all, Target is doing something so cool. They are now indicating which brands are Black-owned on their website with the icon below. I could not love this more!!!

Well, that’s all for this week. I hope you all have a great weekend! You can find me putting out my outdoor Fall Decor & meeting Mama J for lunch tomorrow.

Kiss Hug,

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