Friday Five: I Did a Thing.

Hi friends! I have five great things to share with you this week…three of which would make great Christmas presents.

One: New Booties

I got some new booties (Joselyne Booties) from ABLE recently that I am in love with! I got them in Blue Grey Suede…cue the Elvis song!

What I especially love about ABLE is that they are a small, female owned ethical business that focuses on sustainable clothing, shoes, accessories, etc. They also focus on employing women & empowering out of poverty.

*Great gift idea

Two: Mascara

Okay, so lashes are my thing when I do my makeup. I’m always on the hunt for a mascara that will do all the things – lengthen, lift, volume, winged, etc. etc. My lashes are long-ish and blonde-ish, so without mascara I look like I have no eyelashes. In this pandemic mask world, mascara is really the staple of my makeup routine as you can only see my eyes.

So, with that said, I have found a new gluten free & cruelty free mascara that is so so so inexpensive. It has a horrible name – Lash Princess, but it is so good! I bought the multi-pack so I could try them all (4 for $18), but one is about $5.

Here is a before, one eye, & after pictures.

Three: Love Lettering

I started this book two weeks ago or so – I have been in such a reading rut during this Pandemic, which has really surprised me. Ashley Spivey (my book guru) recommended this book about a year ago; I bought it then but just got around to reading it. Love Lettering took me about 50 pages to get into it, the lead has a lot of internal dialogue which kinda frustrated me at first. If you love romance, NYC, & nerdy leads you will love this book. I have only been to NYC once (for less than 24 hours), & when I go back I know I will see the city in a whole new way.

The main character, Meg, has a hand-lettering business that basically goes viral. She falls for Reid, who is the ex-fiance of a client & she designed their wedding invitations – cue awkwardness. This book is a heart-warming love story as they navigate the city through signs (literal signs).

Four: Christmas

I did a thing… In a very #2020 fashion, I have already put out my Christmas decor. My house is currently Fall on the outside (business in the front), & Christmas on the inside (party in the back).

As you might guess, I’m very particular about my Christmas decor. For example, the main colors in any given item must be traditional Christmas colors (red, green, white, silver, or gold). I have a very particular order in which I decorate my tree. I also have a love/hate relationship with tree skirts & tree toppers.

First I add garland to the tree – I have faux popcorn garland & red, green, & silver beaded garland. Then I add reflective pieces; years ago I bought these ugly disco ball tree ornaments that I hang in the interior of my tree near the trunk – they reflect light like crazy & make my tree extra sparkly.

They’re ugly, but effective.

Then I add Christmas ball ornaments, dispersing them throughout the tree (don’t neglect the interior of the tree).

Next, I add ornaments that I’ve collected over the years from travels, ones that Mama J gave to me, & all of my Charlie Brown ornaments. Then I finish it off with the “jewelry” & snowflakes.

Lastly, I’ve made a beautiful table scape, & decorated around the house.

Five: Dishwasher

This one isn’t fun or fancy, but I got a new dishwasher! Over Labor Day weekend my washer, dryer, & dishwasher all went out. Yes, at the same time. Luckily, my washer & dryer got fixed quickly as they only needed belts replaced. However, the dishwasher needed to be completely replaced, and because of the pandemic, production has slowed & many people chose this time to renovate – so my new dishwasher just got installed yesterday. In the last two months, I have learned that I suck at hand washing anything other than pots & pans. Whomp, whomp.

That’s it for this week. Are y’all putting out your Christmas decor? Are you traveling for the holiday season? I am personally quarantining right now, so I can go to my mom’s for Thanksgiving. We also are only having four people for dinner, instead of our normal 20 or so people. Please think about the safety of yourself & others during this time, as COVID is quickly catapulting back to Spring numbers.

Kiss Hug,

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