A Day in the Life: April 7, 2020

Hi friends!  I thought I’d write a post all about what my day looks like.  So, I’m going to list out everything I did today.

6:25am: alarm goes off -> hit snooze

6:32am: 2nd alarm goes off -> hit snooze

6:34am: snooze alarm goes off -> turn it off

6:43am: 2nd snooze alarm goes off -> turn it off -> turn on lamp, turn up the lights on clock, glance at emails

Get up & put YL CBD muscle rub on shoulders & neck -> turn on my news podcasts -> make bed -> head into the bathroom.

Routine in the Bathroom:
1. Clean face with Thayer’s Witch Hazel
2. Used Peter Thomas Roth AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel.
3. Put on my Glow Serum on my face & neck: I make this with Young Living essential oils – Lavender, Frankincense, Copaiba, Blue Tansy, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Manuka, & jojoba oil.
4. Under my eyes I swipe on Tula Glow & Get It.34BA9490-3056-4A1A-82E7-DD4983AB7103_1_201_a

While that soaks in, I do the following:
1. Take my Biotin. I use Nature’s Bounty 10,000 mcg.  I have only been able to find this exact one at Target & it is the highest dosage I have found.  They taste good (strawberry) & dissolve quickly.
2. I roll YL Progessence Plus on my forearms.  I use this to help balance & normalize my hormone levels.
3. Then I roll on YL Endoflex over my thyroid for thyroid & metabolism support.
4. Next I roll YL Juvaflex over my liver to help with liver & lymphatic detoxification.
5. Last of the morning oils, I roll YL Joy over my heart because it is uplifting & calming.  Joy also promotes general attitude & emotional well-being; we can all use that right now.  Am I right?

Then I gather all my Juice Plus vitamins (4 berry, 4 veggie, & 4 fruit) & put those aside.  I prefer the gummy vitamins, they taste so good, & eat them while I’m getting ready. 217FC6CC-9DE4-4766-BA49-549224FD5E38_4_5005_c

Okay, so by 7:00am I was in the kitchen making my coffee.  I like this coffee from Amazon, & use any caramel flavored creamer.  Right now I’m using a coconut milk caramel flavored creamer.  While the coffee was brewing, I grabbed a Chobani peach yogurt & filled a small bowl (think salad dressing size in a lunch box) with mini dark chocolate chips & roasted pistachios.  I put the yogurt & toppings in my office & turn on a lamp.  I like for my yogurt to sit out for a little bit to take the cold edge off.  With my coffee in hand, I head back into the bathroom to get ready.

So first up, I put on “weekend” makeup, which consists of concealer, blush, mascara.  I’ve taken all my vitamins by the time I’m done with makeup.

7:30am: still sipping coffee, I start on my hair.  My hair is growing out from a bob & is at a real weird length, so I do have to fix it so that it makes some semblance of order.

7:45am: hair done, coffee done, brush teeth.

7:50am: got dressed – yes, I wear jeans to work from home.  I am much more productive if I am at least dressed “Friday casual” style.

8:00am: got to my desk to start my work day.
Office Diffuser blend today is Peppermint (stimulating), Orange (uplifting), Valor (balancing energies), & Lime (immune support).  It smells so good!

Adjusted thermostat every 10 minutes, trying to get warm.

8:45am: threw a load of laundry in the washer & off to my boss’s house to pickup some equipment to deliver to a client.

9:00am: met my boss & also picked up a face mask my friend Jessica left for me.

9:15am: drove through Starbucks – I know this is so bad, but it was drive through.

9:45 – 10:15am: met client – I’m not going to lie, it felt great to drive my car.  Don’t worry, we maintained social distance.

While I was waiting, I finalized my life insurance policy with my broker over the phone.  Now is a great time to make sure all your paperwork is in order in case something were to happen to you.

10:45am: stopped at Walgreens, totally forgot to get what I went in there for.  Instead, it looked like I gave a 10yo $40 to pick out snacks for a road trip.

11:00am: picked up lunch from Herb & Beet (pickup only).  I was really worried about this small business closing permanently, so I was really excited to see that they were doing pickups.

11:15am: unloaded my Walgreens “groceries,” switched over the laundry to the dryer, & washed the dishes from last night.

11:30am: back at my desk, working with my Texas Brisket salad and mac & cheese. 664E90DA-ECDE-40AF-8405-C689597FB1A0_1_201_a

Made a mess of my shirt, & promptly changed into yoga pants & a sweatshirt.  Back to work.  Ugh, there is a fly in my house.

3:00pm: took a 10 minute break to do an arm workout with Obé Fitness.  My arms are going to fall off after that one.

4:09pm: I hear the ducks have returned to my yard to hold me hostage once again.

5:00pm: virtual HH with Amy & Maureen!  Y’all, I have perfected my Coconut Mojito recipe & will share it on my Friday Five!

6:00pm: made dinner – Trader Joe’s Carnitas with Salsa Verde burrito & guacamole with Elote chips.

7:00pm: watched Watch What Happens Live & Hometown that I fell asleep during on Monday.

8:00pm: watched Vanderpump Rules
Living Room Diffuser Blend: Anthropologie Volcano candle blend – YL Orange, Grapefruit, Lime, Idaho Blue Spruce, & Geranium.

9:00pm: watched Shahs of Sunset from last Friday.

10:00pm: Bedtime Routine:
1. Turn on diffuser: blend is Thieves & Lemon for immune support.
2. Used Bliss Makeup Melt to remove mascara.
3. Wash face with YL Orange Blossom face wash.
4. Used Thayer’s Witch Hazel for toner.
5. Used Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel (I’d like to do this every other day, but only remember about once a week).
6. Used prescription acne gel.
7. NeuLASH lash enhancing serum. 5DA4AED0-2560-4D17-8019-701DF39E1231

10:15pm: In Bed Routine:
1. Spray Thieves on the bottom of my feet.
2. Roll YL Tranquil from shoulder, across my clavicle, to the other shoulder (sleep support).
3. Roll YL Soothe CBD oil on the back of my neck (for chronic neck & shoulder pain).
4. Put on chapstick.
5. Put on Olive & June cuticle oil.
6. Read Only You until 11:00pm.  Lights out.

One thing I left off this list is every time I washed my hands.  If I touched something, then I washed my hands.

Was this interesting?

I’ll be back Friday for my Friday Five & the RHONY Recap.

Kiss Hug,

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RHONY Recap: The Snooze Cruise

I’ve struggled to write this recap because this season of RHONY has turned into a real snooze-fest.  Boring

Yesterday, I posted a Tweet asking for help recapping & luckily I got a few responses. 🙂  Thanks Remi & Lily’s Mimi!  RemiLily

I think this sums it up quite nicely, but since I have a job to do I’ll throw in my two cents.

  1. Bethenny’s vagina has once again ruined another cast trip.  Instead of Hawaii, they are now going to Miami.  Hawaii thanks you.  I guess they’ll have to pretend to be Gidget in FL.
  2. Sonja embarrassed her daughter at Parent’s Weekend because she wore a baby seal on her head.  Sonja
  3. Jules has no concept of what pool shoes are.  Who wears suede to the pool?
  4. We’re still talking about Tom of the town, the slut-bag-hoe.
  5. Jules visited her parents.  Guess what?  One is Jewish & the other is Asian.
  6. Luann’s schoolgirl excitement about the boy asking her to the dance is getting a little old.  sixteen candles
  7. These ladies wouldn’t know how to be happy for someone, even if they were given an instruction manual.
  8. I secretly want this cruise to turn into an episode of Gilligan’s Island.  gilligan
  9. Ramona is so embarrassing.  She thinks she is so much hotter than she is.  Poor Avery.  She was a real mess with the bathing suit photo shoot.
  10. I feel like both Sonja & Ramona are making WAAAAY more out of their involvement with Tom, than what happened in real life.
  11. Bethenny loves that she has a bombshell of a secret to hold of Luann.

My favorite tweets from the night:

What did y’all think about the episode this week?  Boring, right? I was distracted by all the DNC stuff & Hillary Clinton making history!

Until next week!  I hope you all have a great weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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RHONY Recap: The Big Napple

Y’all, what is with this Season of RHONY?  Ever since they left the Bershires, & Greystone Manor, it has turned into a total snooze-fest.  I could easily have taken a nap during this week’s episode…in fact I might’ve, just with my eyes open.

So, all I got from this episode was this:

  1. Ramona ALWAYS manages to get the best room she wants on group trips.
  2. Mohegan Sun was the most depressing Housewives trip in all the franchises.
  3. Carole & Bethenny are this close to becoming lesbian lovers. #mazel B & C
  4. Carole & Adam have a weird relationship.  She’s at a 7.5, while he’s at a 10.
  5. Jules doesn’t know how to potty train, or wipe for that matter. #gross  Jules
  6. Bethenny is taking little Bryn to Aspen, regardless of doctor’s orders & her “declining” health.
  7. Luann got engaged.  I’m not a fan of yellow diamonds.  Sorry not sorry.  Luann
  8. Ramona has no boundaries or etiquette, thus Dorinda hosted Lu’s engagement party.
  9. The real cast trip will be Hawaii.  Think they’ll fall in a volcano?
  10. Sonja was a sourpuss towards Luann & her happiness.  Shame, shame, I know your name.   Sonja

Tweets of the night:

The tweets were harder to get, as my feed was full of the shenanigans going on at the Republican National Convention.  What did you all think of this week?

Until next time, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!

Kiss Hug,

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RHONY Recap: Jules Found Her Cojones

This week’s recap will once again be short, as not much happened – except for the usual screaming match.  If you are on Team Bethenny then you may want to stop reading now.  This episode was a classic tale of “if you dish it, you gotta take it.”

I will preface this by saying that for the last 7+ years I have staunchly been on Team Bethenny.  But, something this season is off.  Her past snarky comments were always met with a chuckle from me as I was often thinking similar thoughts; however, this season she seems to relish being cruel & take pleasure in being a Mean Girl with Carole.  Perhaps Bravo & Andy Cohen have given her too much power?  She now has a radio show on Andy’s Sirius station, she is now an Executive Producer on the RHONY, & has said (on her radio show) that she gave final approval for Jules to be allowed on the cast.  Bethenny boss

At dinner, after Luann stormed off, Jules confronted B about her horrible behavior.  Jules found her cojones & didn’t back down.  Bethenny, on the other hand, totally missed the point Jules was tried to make.  Jules said very clearly, with verbs & all, that B uses humor at other people’s expense & is intentionally cruel.  Jules, calmly & assertively, proceeded to say that she makes fun of herself so these bitches won’t to bring humor to an otherwise serious, scary situation (eating disorder).  Bethenny instead raged about her own issues with anorexia, which Carole chimed right in on in complete support of B.  Carole also that talking behind your friend’s back to other friend’s is par for the course – umm pretty sure you & B do not consider Jules a friend.  When Jules tried to defend herself, Bethenny screamed, “Don’t yell at me.  You don’t get to be the only one to talk.”  This from the woman who never lets anyone else get a word in edge wise.  As B would say, her reaction was disproportionate to the conversation. Jules

Jules wrote a great blog for Bravo, which you can read here. We are on Planet Bethenny

The rest of the episode was pretty uneventful.  Luann scolded Ramona, one on one, about being a horrible friend…nothing new there.  Carole hosted Dorinda & Bethenny for lunch while Adam made cauliflower pizza.  They said Adam was a hot chef; is this true?  I don’t see it.  I’m worried his hair will be in the food…extra flavor I guess.  Sonja hosted a dinner party, where Jules introduced her to a weirdo named Rocco.  John was back & well behaved.  Luann got engaged!

At the end of the episode the ladies headed to Mohegan Sun via party bus, which I learned from my Twitter pals that it is a super fun casino in Connecticut.  I thought it was an Indian (Native American) Tribe or a movie with Kevin Costner.  Bethenny bitched about Jules to Dorinda, within hearing range, which was very passive aggressive.  The one beacon of light in this episode was that B FINALLY apologized to Sonja.  See y’all, miracles do happen.  Hallelujah!  hallelujah

Here are my favorite Tweets from the night:

What did y’all think of this episode?  Are you Team B or Team Jules?  Do you think Dorinda stirred the pot?  I really hope Andy skewers Bethenny & Carole at the Reunion.

Until next time…

Kiss Hug,

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RHONY Recap: Reunited & It Feels So Good?

Y’all this episode was another  dud, so much so that I considered not doing a recap.  But alas, I am here for you!

Bethenny had a Skinnygirl event to attend, SHOCKER!  But, I did appreciate the product placement clutch & red hair.  B is good with a theme, but she is making me rethink my favorite color being red.  I think she trademarked it as hers.B Red

Jules went to her checkup to see how her vag was healing.  “Will it be a perfect little pistachio again?”  I think her doctor actually gagged, & the pistachio industry took a dive last night.  JulesOn a side note, what was with her doctor’s lack of face movement while he spoke?  Did he recently have jaw surgery?  That’s how I talked for 6 months after my jaw surgery…

Moving on, Ramonja took dance lessons from one of the gals from Sushi Rocks.  This was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile.  They should never take a dancing class sober, & should probably stick to Turtle Time – instead they danced like Elaine.  Elaine

B cancelled her surgery & saw an Internist instead, so to celebrate Bethenny hosted a get together with Ramona, Dorinda, & Carole where two kinds of tea were served.  Of course Ramona reverts back to her true self & stirs shit up about Luann, as per ushe.  Gossip

In B’s confessional, she accused Luann of being a narcissist, which is the pot calling the kettle black if ever there was one. #duh  Bethenny & Luann

Of course Dorinda reenacts the tea party for Luann the next morning at breakfast (???).  Dorinda’s impression of Ramona was spot on.  Bravo.  Well done.

Finally all the women are together in one scene for dinner.  Not sure of the purpose for the dinner, I assume Dorinda was the host (???) & she was trying to reunite the group?  Carole & Luann sat next to each other & had a really lovely chat.  say whatI hope we can now move on from Apology-Gate.  The women were all talking over each when Ramona arrived.  She basically construction worker whistled for the gals to notice her entrance.  Ramona's entranceI can’t with this lady, Ramona is too much; she also fits in to Bethenny’s description of a narcissist.

Half the table was discussing Carole & Adam’s sex life, while Luann quietly confronted Ramona about talking shit behind Lu’s back.  Slowly the other girls chimed in, & Bethenny opened her favorite box Pandora’s Box by mentioning that Ramona, Sonja, & Luann share the same men…because you know, Harry & Tom are the only eligible men in NYC.  Sonja chimed in the she & Tom have been F*** Buddies for 10 years.  I feel bad for Lu, these women are being bitches.  I don’t think they are jealous of her happiness with Tom, but they certainly aren’t being supportive or nice.  They take so much glee in tearing Lu’s relationship apart, but it doesn’t warrant the dreaded “To Be Continued…” as the episode finished.

My favorite Tweets from the night:

What did y’all think of this episode?  We’re on Week 13 & nothing much has happened since we left the Berkshires.

Until next week!

Kiss Hug,

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Southern Charm Recap: Jenn for the Win!

The reunion picked up right where we left off with Kathryn leaving the set.  Naturally, I blame Landon.  It was absolutely below the belt for Landon to bring up the custody battle & drug test, which by the way is not apart of the show.  Landon sure is acting the bitter current wife towards the ex…  I honestly think Kathryn just needed a moment to collect herself.

Apparently Thomas did not get the same hair drug test as Kathryn.  I 100% do not believe that Thomas would be able to pass a drug test that goes back 6 months.  See his dinner party from Hell; you can not tell me that that wasn’t on a drug fueled rage as Whitney would say.  We also learn the Kathryn’s main issue with Thomas is his lack of child support.  I will say that he does pay her rent, but I’m sure two children are expensive.  I have no children & I’m expensive; I couldn’t imagine trying to support any dependents on my own.  I think it boils down to Thomas not meeting the expectations that he set forth with Kathryn.  Kathryn did say that she has a few business endeavors that she is pursuing, so I guess her SC salary is going towards the startup?  Landon, Miss Fails at Life, had the nerve to mock Kathryn’s necklace/business while wearing the most hideous earrings ever created.  Seriously, what is wrong with her – other than being a BIG TIME BITCH?!?!  Big time bitch

On to the Polo Match… Kathryn’s meltdown was a result of the pirate porn star that Thomas was running around with.  Due to the pirate’s blatant drug use, etc. she didn’t want Kensie around that.  Rational thought, case closed.  Does anyone else feel like Craig is Kathryn’s lawyer/PR guy at this reunion?  Despite JD & Landon’s assertions to the contrary, Thomas does not think that Kathryn created any pregnancy issues for his attention, money, or sympathy.  Me when Landon speaks:Every time Landon talks.gif

Thomas reveals that he has done a 180 in his opinion of Jennifer because she is pregnant with a special needs child.  My opinion has changed as well, but for totally different reasons.  A few blogs back, I totally thought she was meddling in Kathryn’s relationship & wasn’t very kind; however, I now realize that Jenn & Coop were the only ones looking out for her.  Jenn is a delight!  The cast has decided that Thomas & Kathryn are the modern day Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell…that might be a stretch.  But if Kensie develops a line of athletic wear, TRav & Kathryn will never have to work again! #upsidetonevergettinghitched

Jennifer joined the group in defense of Kathryn.  YEA!  Andy asked about the father of her baby, Jenn coyly said he was excited.  Andy then asked if it was Thomas – y’all Mama J actually thought TRav was the baby daddy.  Kathryn has been a huge support for Jennifer during her pregnancy.  Jennifer kept it classy, & only said that she did nothing while T & K were together, & did not reveal if she has slept with any man.  Immaculate conception?  Shep asked why Jenn & Kat can be friends but not with Landon.  Jennifer said that Landon antagonizes Kathryn intentionally by flaunting her relationship friendship with Thomas on social media.  Cameran had it right when she said that if they are not dating, then Landon doesn’t need to sensor herself.  Jennifer became emotional when the cast said that she was wrongly villain-ized.  Oddly, Landon seemed to be on the verge of tears along with Jennifer.

Back from the commercial, the focus moved onto Whitney.  He admitted that he primarily lives in Los Angeles.  He & Larissa are on a break.  Surprisingly, Kathryn chimed in saying that Larissa was really sweet & good for Whitney.  Thomas & Whitney also take breaks when T & K are together.

Thomas admitted that the dinner party from Hell was in reaction to Julien’s “questionable” paternity.  It was so obvious that Kathryn was trying to finish their conversation when Thomas crawled out the window.  Landon didn’t seem to understand this & unrelentingly brought it up over & over.  Cameran, adult that she is, admitted that she can come off sanctimonious & that perhaps she has some personal growth to do.  A win for adulting!  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Landon cannot fathom that she needs any self-improvement.  Shep is the obvious winner of this dinner party – if mailbox money exists, I want to get in on that.  Cameran said that Thomas was having a nervous breakdown.  I think that is code for a drug fueled rage.  Thomas did concede that he was raised better than that, as most Southerners are.

Oddly, the sanctimonious one, Cameran, accidentally hosted a Girls Gone Wild while she was on the Real World.  It was also revealed that Landon was almost on The Hills but ultimately she didn’t want to be manipulated by reality producers.  Andy snarked that it was scripted.

Andy moved on to ask Kathryn why Thomas’ relationship with Landon bothers her so much.  Cameran interrupted to tell Kathryn that she is too reactionary…how is Landon not reactionary as well?  Jekyll Island came up, which set Kathryn off.  Andy chimed in to tell Landon to shut it or he’ll murder himself.  That’s how we all feel, Andy.

Moving on to the Founder’s Ball, Craig wondered exactly why there is so much animosity between K & L?  Kathryn has been told by many spies sources that Landon & Thomas slept together.  She cannot accept the lying about said indiscretions.  Whitney, Shep, & Cameran think that Thomas can’t keep a secret & TRav would’ve admitted it by now.  Craig & Shep on WWHL intimated that something could have happened in London.  I want the truth

At the end of the Ball, Landon’s friend Robyn asked Shep when he thought Landon would admit to sleeping with Thomas?  Y’all, I totally believe Robyn.  She had her back to the cameras & didn’t realize they were filming.  Mic drop.  If she wanted her 15 minutes of fame, as Landon claims, she would have been comically obvious about it…just sayin’.  Landon & Thomas maintain their lackluster innocence.Liars

Shocker of all SHOCKERS – Whitney & Kathryn hugged it out during a commercial break.  Is there a truce in our midst?!?!

A few remaining observations from the reunion… Were Cameran’s eyelashes falling off or something?  Lots of blinking going on.  Why was Shep’s birthday party glossed over?  I wish Kathryn was more eloquent; I think it’ll come with age. Was Landon intentionally lowering her voice?  On Social Media, Landon intimated that she would be vindicated, but only succeeded in gaining more hate mail.  Landon The only person who got vindicated at this reunion was Jennifer Snowden.  By the end of the reunion, even Whitney seemed fed up with Landon’s unrelenting attacks on Kathryn.  Whitney

I feel like if Kathryn, Cameran, Landon, Naomie, Danni, Jennifer, & Elizabeth took a Girl’s Trip to Dollywood then all would be right in their world.

Favorite Tweets of the night:  SCR2.1SCR2.2SCR2.3SCR2.4SCR2.5SCR2.6

This was exhausting, but a great season.  I still love Shep.

Kiss Hug,

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Southern Charm Recap: TRav is a Patty Loveless Song

Y’all this will be a relatively short recap, as Reunions rarely offer up new information.  Of course, leave it to Kathryn to ruin that theory…

Here are my thoughts from last night:

  1. Cameran looked beautiful!  She is never completely on trend, but is always stunning regardless. Landon looked like a raisin in the sun/beef jerky/a piece of leather with dream catcher earrings.  She went WAY too far on the spray tan.  Anyone on TV should know that too much spray tan ages you…just ask Whitney, he knows.  Do you think she’s hiding her lies in those earrings?  Kathryn thought she was at the Renaissance Fair or a Victorian photo booth at an amusement park.  Kathryn
  2. Kathryn is so obviously younger than the rest of the Charmers, which is not an insult.  She just has NO poker face – her expressions last night had me laughing so hard.  Y’all she acts like the 24-year-old that she is.  Take her children out of the equation, & she’s a typical young twenty-something.  I was that reckless at that age.  I get that Cam doesn’t want that drama in her life, or coffee breath, but Kathryn so obviously needed a friendly face.
  3. Kathryn was spot on when she asked the bunch how they behaved at 21 – the camera panned over to Cameran (deer in the headlights) reminding us all that she was on Real World in her early 20’s making out with other girls on national TV.  Fun stuff.
  4. My beautiful Sheppy-Poo is a fun-loving, man-whore, but in the most endearing way possible.  The mushrooms/wiffle ball story was amazing.  Shep always puts a smile on my face & in my heart.  As Cameran would say, I ❤ Shep.   SHep
  5. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.  This is all TRav’s fault.  He reminds me of the Patty Loveless song, “Blame It On Your Heart.”  Blame It On Your Heart  He is playing Kathryn & Landon for fools…and they fall for it, which is the worst part.  Come on ladies, you’re better than this!!!Patty Loveless
  6. Once again, Whitney’s reaction to Kathryn’s, very detailed, account of their “relationship” was disproportionate for someone who gives zero fucks.  Kathryn even said that she has nothing to gain from sharing this as it has tarnished her reputation (even more) & she has been dragged through the mud.  I believe Kathryn 100%. #TeamKathryn  She had nothing to gain by sharing this info.
  7. I don’t think #NewCriag or #OldCraig will ever be a man of the law.  Who knew you had to write a thesis to graduate Law School.
  8. What about Kathryn’s bombshell that Thomas took Landon on the Valentine trip that they had planned for each other?  Best part of the night…the devastated look on Landon’s face at that little nugget was the only time she seemed contrite.
  9. I thought Landon was a real piece of shit for bringing up Kathryn’s drug test.  It was totally unnecessary & none of her business.
  10. What was with Whitney’s super creepy, Alfred Hitchcock, smile throughout the Reunion?  It gave me the heebie jeebies.  creepy smile

Side Note: I have a theory about Cameran’s blind allegiance to Whitney.  She is his realtor.  Think about it – she sold him his first loft/house/whatever on Season 1.  He has had a different residence each season; she is obviously trying to keep a past, present, & future client in Whitney.  It also doesn’t hurt that he is the EP of the show.  Just something to ponder…

Favorite Tweets from the night:  SCR1.1SCR1.2SCR1.3SCR1.4SCR1.5SCR1.6SCR1.7

What did y’all think of the reunion?

My Bachelorette Recap will be up later today.  I’m undecided about posting a RHONY Recap this week, but will definitely live Tweet it.  I am having a #staycation the rest of the week, which basically entails me lounging by the pool, reading, & drinking margaritas.

Kiss Hug,

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RHONY Recap: Bloody Bits

You guys, was it just me or was this episode lame?  This recap will be a bit short because I was dealing with work stuff while watching, & you know…it was kinda boring.

A few thoughts on tonight’s show:

  1. Was Luann even in this episode?  I know she was talked about a lot, but did she make an appearance?  Where is Lu
  2. Ramonja is back?  Their apology practice was pretty funny & Ramona’s Bethenny impression was spot on.  R as B
  3. Ramona is still the worst friend alive.  Her new name shall be Ramona: the Horrible friend.  Ramona 2.gif
  4. Jules has decided to start an Asian juice (tea???) business.  I love that she managed to keep it a secret from Michael.  I wonder if Jules already knew that the end of her marriage was imminent?
  5. Poor Bethenny is really, really ill.  That scene in Home Goods was a bit scary – I thought she was going to pass out.  Thank goodness Dorinda was there to mother her, which she needed.
  6. LOVE that B & D like shopping at Home Goods, even if it was a product placement.  Stars, they’re just like us.
  7. Jules also broke her vagina on a window.  It reminded me of when you’re little & fall off your bike & land on that bar.
  8. This dog wedding was such a crock of shit.  They spent a lot of money to raise a bit of money for charity.  Somehow, I don’t think the charity got their money’s worth.  Although, the cute pooches were a nice break from the human bitches we normally deal with.  All of be like:

    9. Ramona cannot cut a cake to save her life.  If she had done that at one of Heather          Dubrow’s parties, she would be out.  Cake

Best tweets of the night:  Week 11.1Week 11.2Week 11.3Week 11.4Week 11.5Week 11.6

I’ll be house sitting next week, so I may be sitting poolside instead of blogging.  Maybe I’ll surprise you.

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Southern Charm Recap: Wait What?!?!

The season finale picked up right where we left off last week.  The “insulted ones” made their great golf cart escape & headed over to Landon’s for some pizza & to drunkenly recap.  You can’t have unraveled without a Ravenel.  Shep said that he didn’t fight TRav because he hated to pay for dry cleaning…samesies.  Craig & Shep both claimed that Landon was a part of the problem, which she squeakily denied.  Side note: I’m slightly appalled that her voice can reach a Mariah Carey high decibel…it truly defies human nature, gravity, & all that.  Back at TRav’s house Thomas said the funniest thing when he asked Cooper if reptiles had vertebrae.  Do they?  Kathryn clumsily tried to quote Tennessee Williams & spent the night at Thomas’.

The next morning dawned bright & clear, without a care in the world, & then the Charmers woke up…  Landon hit snooze 87 times (the only thing we have in common), Whitney juiced, Shep chose shirts for his dive bars.  Where can I get a t-shirt?  I want to support my boyfriend.  After discussing it with JD, Craig went from full-time employee to part-time with JD’s blessing, to focus on studying for the Bar. #abouttime  Across town, Cameran met with her therapist.  Her homework was to make a Pro/Con List about having a baby; Jason hijacked the assignment & “really opened Cam’s eyes” nice & wide.  As usual, Cam’s issues stem from her childhood – doesn’t everyone’s?  Jason has essentially made Cameran consider children sooner rather than later…maybe.  She still seems scared to me.babies

Sheppy-Poo met with Landon at The Commodore, his newest dive bar endeavor, to basically tell her the he’s just not that into her. #duh  I’m not convinced that Shep should have that beard.  I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it.  You guys, I swear Trump & Landon have the same eyes.  Over at Craig & Nomi’s house, she modeled Founder’s Ball options for him.  She looks hot – Craig is a lucky dude.  He then broke the dramatic news that he took a step back from Gentry to focus on the Law.  Craig hemmed & hawed until finally Naomie told him to spit it out, but she ultimately was very supportive.  They are super cute lovesluts!  Her best line of the night was, “I’m wearing a helmet,” to news that T & K would be in attendance at the Ball.

Later that night, Whitney & JD had HH with Thomas to box his ears…aka talk some sense into him.  TRav basically blamed his outburst on the stress of having two kids at 50+ years of age.  Really?  REALLY?  How about you were shitfaced & high as a kite?  They basically told him to fix it.  TRav then quoted Michael Jackson…is that really a legit quotable source?TRAV

Next morning, Kathryn dropped the kiddos off at Thomas’ house – he finally got that play date he was after, or rather Dawn got to have a play date with the munchkins.  We head over to Patricia’s humble abode to find her sleeping with a face transplanting machine hooked up to her while she napped.  In all seriousness, where can I get one?  Shep, Craig, & JD are being groomed at the man-spa & the beard is gone. #hallelujah  A makeup artist arrived at Landon’s to transform her to Patricia’s specifications…too bad it didn’t help her ugly black heart personality.  Kathryn & TRav decided to attend the Founder’s Ball together.  Whitney showed up at his mom’s during mid-transplant; we learned that it was her oxygen rejuvenating therapy – aka making sure her face lift stays in place.

Back at the man-spa, Shep revealed that Thomas “textologized” (text + apologize) to him.  He made a good point when he said that TRav was attacking the girls, so Sheppy felt he had to intervene.  Craig agreed.  Meanwhile at Landon’s, she apparently is still harboring hope that Shep really does love her & this makeover will snag him.  Girl, get a ticket to the clue bus.  Over at TRav’s, Kathryn reminded Thomas that Landon changed the tone of the dinner party, asked Cooper to meet all his rich friends, etc.  Y’all, I think Kathryn smells a gold digger…she would know.  Am I right?  KDen pretty much gave Thomas an ultimatum, to which Thomas agreed as way to placate her.  He’s total scum.  liar.gif

After the commercial break, we get to see the Charmers putting on their final touches & attire for the Founder’s Ball.  Landon heads over to Patricia’s to borrow fur, diamonds, & Dior.  Pat had many a back-handed compliments for Landon.  Did the Purple People Eater swallow her?!?!  Over at Ravenel Manor, Little Red Riding Hood Kathryn glided down the stairs, a la She’s All That, & pre-drank with Thomas to loosen up.  Did they drink Gentry Bourbon?

Finally!  We arrived at the Ball.  Whitney tried to hook Landon up with one of his friends.  I secretly think they would perfect for each other.  Craig & Naomie arrived, & Naomie looked smokin’ HOTT!  Shep brought Landon’s friend, Robyn, as his date (matching no less!), Landon cried, & I silently cheered in my head a little bit.  ughDoes that make me a horrible person?  I think Cameran & Danni were each other’s dates?  Did anyone else notice that Kathryn referred to herself as TRav’s girlfriend in the limo?

Once the Hot Mess Express arrived to the ball things got really interesting.  I now have new-found respect for Jennifer Snowden.  She hit the nail on the head when talking about Thomas’ involvement with Kathryn’s cold shoulder treatment.  I take back everything I said earlier in the season.  Thomas made an obvious beeline straight for Old Squinty Eyes (Landon, obvi.) once KDen parked herself at a table, which was so blatantly obvious & no one missed it.  Kathryn then made the first move by pulling Landon aside to hash out their issues – very mature of her.  OSE ruined the moment by claiming she couldn’t hear Kathryn – it was really loud, so I’ll give her that one.  KDen’s reaction was a bit more dramatic than the situation warranted.  It’s never going to be pleasant when the convo starts with, “This isn’t going to be a mean conversation.”  I don’t think Kathryn can handle Landon’s nails on the chalkboard voice, so her hyperventilating/screeching immediately pissed her off.  Landon ran off to tattle to Thomas that Kathryn was being a big meanie head.  Poor Danni got stuck in the middle, literally.  Nomi & Jenn’s faces when Landon said she was afraid of Kathryn gave me LIFE!  Nomi

As usual, Thomas was absolutely no help to anyone & stood there like a moron.  Shep & Craig had to intervene in the attempt to resurrect the night.  Landon’s voice is too much when she is calm & collected, but when she gets agitated it is unbearable, not to mention at a decibel only dogs can hear.  Wasn’t Landon’s Cheshire cat smile so eerie & creepy?  The finale ended with Shep’s date saying, “Do you think Landon’s going to admit that she slept with Thomas?”  Last line was Shep, after a shocked pause, saying, “What?”  BEST. FINALE. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tweets from the night:

What did y’all think of the finale?  I thought this whole season knocked it out of the park!

I’ll see you back here for #TheBachelorette Recap on Tuesday & a #RHONY Recap on Wednesday.  BREAKING NEWS: My new DVR did not record The Bachelorette, so I’ll have to figure out OnDemand…

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RHONY Recap: You’re Not Invited

Y’all, we are only a little over half way through the season.  I feel like this episode was just a filler episode, but still good.  Seems like more drama is to come!

So, this episode starts off 3 weeks after Ramona’s lame holiday party where everyone was dressed as some version of Michael Jackson.  Sonja has decided to stop drinking to get back in the group’s good graces.  Honestly, I don’t think it will help.  She’s on the outs until Ramona & Bethenny decide she can come in & play.  Back at Morgan Manor, Luann & Sonja rehash Tipsy Girl…for the umpteenth time.  Sonja asks if she should have called it Fat Tipsy Bitches – I kinda like that better than both names.  Sonja was more hurt by Dorinda’s exclusion from the Berkshits.  Luann quickly gushes that she is moving out because she’s in love with her soulmate, & probably getting married.  Sonja’s expression was priceless.  “My Tom?” shes says in her confessional.  We then learned that Sonja also hooked up with Tomcat.  Seriously, these gals need to branch out & meet new men…Harry & Tom can not be the only eligible men in NYC.  Below Deck Mediterranean just had 5 single bachelors their age on, so maybe they could reach out to Andy Cohen for their numbers.

Across town, Queen B has gathered Dorinda, Jules, Carole, & Ramona for drinks to pitch a tequila trip to Mexico for research.  Who wouldn’t want to go to Mexico & get shit-faced while eating chips & guac out of a sombero?   Then Ramona brings the convo to a halt by asking if Luann was invited.  Notice how Ramona had no problem excluding her BFF Sonja?  Carole said that if Lu went then she wouldn’t.  B replied with, “then I won’t go if Carole doesn’t go.”  Ramona, as the least go with the flow girl, says that she will do what everyone else wants & just goes with the flow.  Lu & Son

Carole visited Bethenny at her apartment.  Oddly, it looked like B had an intern?  The conversation quickly turned to relationships.  Carole doesn’t like to let anyone get too close.  She compared fostering a khit-ten to losing loved ones – Bethenny wasn’t buying what Carole was selling.  You could tell by the squinty eyes.  That’s a weird comparison though, right?  Also, Carole the only reason to have a cat is so you can name it Meowllory.  #duh  Bethenny confessed that she has reconsidered her position on never getting married again.  Carole creates a temporary world.  Carole can’t get out of relationships & Bethenny has trouble getting into relationships.  It ended up being a surprisingly introspective & somewhat relate-able conversation between these two.  Albiet, weird.  Bethenny 3 Dorinda met up with Ms. Morgan for a manicure.  Dorinda bluntly tells Sonja that Ramona is no longer on her side.  Is it the end of Ramonja as we know it?  Dorinda, the biggest blabber mouth in NYC, told Sonja that she & Luann weren’t invited to Mexico.  “Hate to tell ya,” grins Dorinda.  Sonja then shared that she quit drinking.  On a side note, I would totally have been interested in a Sonja Morgan Toaster Oven.

Across town, Carole shows up at Adam’s apartment.  I have to say, Adam should only ever wear his hair in a man-bun.  He forced Carole to help him make a Vegan chocolate cake, which sounds as appealing as a mammogram.  On the Upper East Side, Ramona is hosting a Hair Extensions lunch with Avery.  This is the same extensions Ramona is sporting…you know the ones that are so long they are obviously fake.  Luann showed up because ramona wanted to give her a makeover.  Once again they rehashed the Berkshits.  Luann is delusional that her & Carole are now cool.  Luann proceeded to gush to Avery, Ramona was there too, about Tom.  Ramona could not be less enthused about this relationship.  She took such pleasure bursting Lu’s bubble by gossiping about Tom’s friendship with his ex.  Even Avery was embarrassed for her mom.  Ramona backed off by saying the she was happy for Lu, while crossing her fingers behind her back.  Ramona.gif

Later that night John, Dorinda, Jules, & Michael met for dinner at STK.  I believe this is the restaurant that Giuliana & Bill Rancic own?  Jules is clearly pissed at Michael; in light of today’s divorce news, it is now glaringly obvious that Jules & Michael have marital issues.  It’s clear that Michael is no longer invested in his marriage to her.  I wonder if he knew Josh on Ashley Madison?  Dorinda proceeded to drunkenly advise Jules on her marriage.

Bethenny & Luann met for a drink & had the. weirdest. time. EVER.  Luann talked a mile a minute & didn’t let B get a word in edge wise.  Weird, right?  Bethenny said that Lu is on Crystal Meth & not a good listener.  Luann asked if Carole was now B’s life partner & stuck B with the bill.  LuAnnOn a serious note, I truly hope Bethenny’s health scare is now better & a non-issue.

My favorite Tweets from the night:  Week 10.1Week 10.2Week 10.3Week 10.4Week 10.5Week 10.6

What did you think of tonight’s episode?  Check back in on Saturday for a Take It or Leave It post.

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