I’m Just Like Heather Dubrow!

Y’all, I’m just like Heather Dubrow…I love champs too!  Like, I LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE the bubbly! heather-dubrow

It’s a beautiful color, it’s so festive, & usually implies some sort of celebration.  I also love brunch, which may contribute to my love affair with champagne…mimosas, duh.  fullsizerender

In my family, I am the bartender at every get together.  Naturally, champagne cocktails are always on the menu.  My favorite cocktail being a French 77, not to be confused with a French 75.  Although, it’s basically a French 75 minus the bug spray gin.  I love St. Germain & will drink any cocktails containing the super delicious liqueur.  It is an Elderflower liqueur that kind of just barely kisses your lips with its subtle flavor.

However, I am no stranger to putting anything & everything together with champagne.  If you really love the taste of straight champs, try it with a few pomegranate seeds thrown in for a little pocket burst of juice.  At Thanksgiving, I mixed Apple Cider with champagne & made a little sangria of sorts by adding fruit (apples, duh).  Christmas, I did champs with white cranberry juice, pomegranate seeds, & a sprig of rosemary – festive & delicious!

Now, for mixing purposes I do not buy high quality champagne/proscecco.  I do not spend more than $10 a bottle for mixing champs.  If I’m drinking a glass (usually the whole bottle) of the real deal, then I go for a higher quality.  I really love Piper-Heidsieck or Piper Sonoma.

Here are a few of my bubbly escapades:

Do y’all have anything I must try?  Anyone else out there a Heather Dubrow in their own world?

I hope you all have a great weekend filled with champs!

Kiss Hug,

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