Playlist: Work. It. Out.

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Okay you guys, I have a confession…I hate to workout.  I can tolerate countdown workouts, jumping on a trampoline (because I’m 5yo), or swishing back & forth on my Get Fit Board. So…on the rare occasion when I do get my sweat on,  I like to listen to music that keeps my energy up & makes me want to move it, move it.  Without further ado…

Listen here…

This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

Bang Bang – K’naan & Adam Levine

Electric Twist – A Fine Frenzy

Buzzin’ – Mann

Canned Heat – Jamiroquai

Drumming Song – Florence & the Machine

Prytania – MuteMath

No Diggity – Blackstreet

Womanizer – Britney Spears

Runaway – Bon Jovi

Spark – Fitz & The Tantrums

Renegade Runaway – Carrie Underwood

Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay

9 to 5 – Dolly Parton

Tempted – Squeeze

Mercy – Duffy

Love Don’t Die – The Fray

Nothing But the Water (II) – Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Follow Through – Heavens to Betsy

If – Janet Jackson

The Dynamo of Volition – Jason Mraz

Wish I – Jem

Little Red Corvette – Prince

I Want It All – Karmin

I Feel Good – Thomas Rhett

Cheap Sunglasses – Kelleigh Bannen

America – Santana

Hostage – Sia

Not Hot to Trot – Von Iva

Damn Girl – Justin Timberlake


What songs do y’all like to workout to?  Do you have any good workout tips?

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Playlist: I Just Called To Say I Love You

Whether you want to you want to play 50 Shades of Grey, or simply get all the warm fuzzies – this is your playlist. heart-eyes

You Belong to Me – Patsy Cline
If you don’t visualize this song in sepia tone then you’re imagining it wrong.
Fantastic cover by Vonda Shepherd.

Shiver – Coldplay
This would be a really cool alternative to typical wedding ceremony music…just sayin’.

Follow Through – Gavin DeGraw
The perfect opening line, “Oh, this is the start of something good, don’t you agree?” Yes, I do agree.

I Was Made For You – She & Him
A cheerful little love song – the title says it all.

This Kind of Love – Sister Hazel
Read the lyrics to this song = PERFECTION. Song Lyrics

Songbird – Fleetwood Mac
Can you ever really go wrong with Stevie Nicks on any playlist?
Stunning cover by Eva Cassidy.

I Believe In A Thing Called Love – The Darkness
I kind of love the irony of the band’s name singing about love.

Grace’s Amazing Hands – Dave Barnes
Dave has so many fantastic songs, this is my second favorite song of his.

1000 Times – Sara Bareilles
You know my list wouldn’t be complete without a Sara song.  This one is more about unrequited love, & I sing this so hard during my car concerts.

Rainy Night In Georgia – Brook Benton
Great cover by Chris Young – I prefer Chris’ version, his voice is so deep & sexy.

Victory Is Won – Carlos Santana
I find most of Santana’s music to be sultry & sexy, this is the ultimate baby-making song.

Mirrors – Justin Timberlake
This song is obviously about Jessica, & it is so, so good.

To Make You Feel My Love – Billy Joel
Love Kelly Clarkson’s cover, though difficult to find.

Our Love – Amy Grant
I know it seems weird to have Amy Grant on this list, but this song is from the House of Love album, which was a pop album.  It’s a very mellow baby-making kind of song.

And I Love Her – The Beatles
My all-time FAVORITE Beatles song.

Always – Bon Jovi
If you don’t belt this song with full arm motions every time you hear, then you are listening to it wrong.

Magic – Colbie Callait
The piano version of this song is even better.  Baby-maker.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Lady Antebellum
This is a great waltzing song, but Hilary Scott’s sings words I’ve often thought to myself.

Dance Me to the End of Love – The Civil Wars
RIP to this band, but this is by far my favorite song of theirs.

Baby I’m Yours – Arctic Monkeys
A classic.

Small Town Girl – Steve Wariner
Y’all should know by now my affection for Steve Wariner.  Who wouldn’t want to be the Small Town Girl he’s crooning about?

Such Great Heights – Iron & Wine
“I am thinking it’s a sign, that the freckles in our eyes, are mirror images and when we kiss they’re perfectly aligned…” So. Good.

Forever – Ben Harper
This song is kind of deep & requires a little self reflection.

Love, Love, Love – Unwritten Law
My California sister, Lindsay, introduced me to this band a few years ago – I’ve been hooked ever since.

Me & Mrs. Jones – Michael Bublé version
I know this may controversial, but there is just something infinitely sexy about this song.  It could also remind you of Claire & Phil Dunfy Valentine Day tryst.

You can listen to this playlist here: I Just Called to Say I Love You

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Rainy Day Playlist

It has been raining for a few days here in Texas, which I’m not complaining about as my yard needed it.  In fact, I have a special place in my heart for rainy days.  Who doesn’t love a day spent on the couch reading a book while listening to melancholy music?  And, sometimes we just need a good cry to reset our minds.

All by Myself

I came up with a perfectly mellow playlist, in my humble opinion.

  1. Everblue by Mandy Moore – This is such a beautiful, moody song.  Mandy-Pants, that’s what I call her because I feel like we could be friends like that, was clearly going through a rough patch when she wrote this song.  It is my go to when I’m in a broody kind of place.
  2. Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles – So, y’all know I’m a huge fan of Sara.  I think she is an amazing songwriter.  I’d love to go see her in Waitress on Broadway in NYC.  This was one of my first favorites by the lovely Sara.
  3. Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez – I originally heard this song on an Anthropologie playlist & fell in love with it.
  4. Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy – This is the first song I ever heard by A Fine Frenzy.  I was hooked by the end of it.  Kind of OBSESSED.
  5. Forever & Always by Parachute – Okay, real talk.  I cannot listen to this song without crying, so be prepared.  It’s a beautifully tragic love song.
  6. Magnolia Mountain by Ryan Adams – My absolute favorite song by Ryan Adams.  If I’m being honest I tend to think the vast majority of his music is melancholy & moody.
  7. I Bruise Easily by Natasha Bedingfield – I can’t really put my finger on it, but this song gives me total Joni Mitchell vibes, & we already know I love her so this song was quickly loved as well.
  8. Lost Stars by Adam Levine – This song is from the movie Begin Again, which Adam Levine was in.  This is really the only song from this movie that I loved, preferably the slow version.
  9. Good Enough by Evanescence – Whew!  If ever you have a down in the dumps, feel sorry for yourself moment, this song will help you wallow in it.
  10. Mayday by Cam – I love Cam; who doesn’t?  The Bobby Bones Show helped bring her to the forefront of radio in the last year or so.  This song, off her debut album, is my favorite.
  11. Not An Addict by K’s Choice – This song brings me back to high school.  I used to be in a club called P.R.I.D.E. & we went around to the younger schools to talk about peer pressure, drug abuse, etc.  We did a skit to this song, & I always picture it when listening to this song.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie.
  12.  Can’t Tell You Why by The Eagles – So, we all know that The Eagles are my GOAT; however, my favorite song changes every so often.  For the last year this has been THE ONE.  It’s mellow, but the harmonies are amazing.  Plus, I sing this song really well during my Car Concerts.
  13. Maybe by Kelly Clarkson – I love Kelly Clarkson!  She’s a fellow Texan & she just gets it, you know?  This is kind of a girl anthem meets a moody break up song.  There’s chord changes from major to minor keys, it’s fast, it’s slow, it’s all over the place & I love it.
  14. Insensitive by Jann Arden – As most great songs are, this is one of the many about love & loss.  Total classic.  There is a great cover of this song by Leann Rimes.
  15. Can’t Stop A Heart by Aubrey Peeples – It took me quite some time to be able to listen to this song without crying.  If you watched the show Nashville then you probably know that Layla wrote this song about Jeff & performed it after his death.  It’s dark & sad & I love it.
  16. Losing My Religion by R.E.M. – Really?  Yes, this is one of the ultimate sad jams.  ‘Nough said.
  17. Dimming Light by Tennis – This is a somewhat new song to me.  I believe Tennis only has an EP out, but I heard this song randomly on Spotify & immediately gravitated to it.
  18. Lemon Parade by Tonic – Tonic is one of my favorite bands from the 90’s & most of their songs are fairly mellow.  This particular one really resonates with me.
  19. Everything That Glitters (Is Not Gold) by Dan Seals – I love, love, love this song.  It’s a typical country love song – tragic.  This song is about a woman leaving her daughter & husband, & the song is written from his point-of-view.  I particularly love it because the little girl’s name is Casey & the horse’s name is Red (my dad’s name).  When I was little I thought this song was about us…it totally isn’t.  Ahh, to be young & naive  again.
  20. Up & Up by Coldplay – I love Coldplay.  I’d say that 90% of all Coldplay songs could be on this playlist, but I especially love this one off their newest album.  It’s actually a very uplifting song, but it’s so mellow thus how it landed here.

What are some of your favorite Rainy Day Tunes?

Kiss Hug,

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Feel Good Playlist

Don’t we all have those certain songs that just make you want to turn the music up & put the windows down?  Or the songs that make you want dance?  Or the songs that give you all the feels?  music

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. “Dancing in Heaven” by La Douche.  This is a song from the Girls Just Want to Have Fun soundtrack, which is one of my favorite movies.
  2. “Fast Cars & Freedom” by Rascal Flatts.  I love this song so much!  It reminds me of a carefree time in my life, the summer between my junior & senior year of college.  I think of driving the back roads of East Texas with the windows down, singing at the top of my lungs.
  3. “The Weekend” by Steve Wariner.  This is one of my all time favorite songs; Mama J loves it too!  I want a love story like the one in this song.
  4. “I Feel the Earth Move” by Carole King.  Seriously, who doesn’t love this song?  If you don’t, then we can’t be friends.  Mandy Moore does a fantastic cover of this song.
  5. “Help Me” by Joni Mitchell.  If you can’t tell by now, I have a thing for older music.  I thank my parents.  This is my absolute favorite Joni song.  K.D. Lang does a really great cover of it.
  6. “Your Love is King” by Sade.  This is actually a pretty peppy song for Sade, not quite as sensual (bubble bath music) as most of her stuff.  My favorite version of this song is performed by Will Young.
  7. “Until You” by Dave Barnes.  I was introduced to this song by one of my college roommates, Kim, during the summer of 2006.  I made her play it on repeat anytime we were in her car.  It has the most beautiful lyrics.  Oddly enough, this song has shown up on a Billy Currington album.
  8. “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John.  If this song doesn’t make you want to dance, then you are dead inside.  Love Debbie Gibson’s version of this back in the 80’s (early 90’s?).
  9. “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen.  You’d probably recognize this song from Dirty Dancing.  I’m slightly obsessed with this song (& movie).  It’s a karaoke go-to.
  10. “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac.  One of my favorite love songs.  The Dixie Chics released a stunning cover of this song, but my favorite cover is sung by Madilyn Bailey.  Some of her notes are so perfectly in tune that you can hear a slight ringing above the music.  That doesn’t happen too often for those of you that don’t know much about the musicality of a song.
  11. “Kiwi” by Maroon 5.  This song is kinda dirty, but I love it.  It’s cheeky & catchy.  Who doesn’t want Adam Levine to sing to them about sex?
  12. “One of These Nights” by The Eagles.  This would be the song that made me fall in love with The Eagles.  I always wanted the lyrics, “I’ve been searching for the daughter of the Devil himself; I’ve been searching for an angel in white.  I’ve been waiting for a woman who’s a little of both.  I can feel her, but she’s nowhere in sight,” to be about me.
  13. “Leavin’ On Your Mind” by Patsy Cline.  Hands down my favorite Patsy song.  My dad was a big “Real Country” music fan & Patsy was one of his favorites.  Leann Rimes did a great version of this song a few years ago as well.
  14. “Under the Boardwalk” by The Drifters.  This song reminds me of riding in the car with Mama J when I was younger.  When this came on the radio, I still remember it was Oldies 103.5, I always made my mom crank it!  It puts me in such a great mood.
  15. “Blue Skies” by Lenka.  Lenka is an Aussie that is not super popular in the states yet, but she should be.  This is a favorite off her current album.
  16. “Electric Twist” by A Fine Frenzy.  I hard a hard time narrowing it down to just one song by this AFF.  I really love most of her songs.
  17. “Who’s Thinking About You Now” by Jason Mraz.  This is one of those songs that I think is a love song, but could go either way.  Any way you take it, Jason Mraz is a lyrical genius.  I am fascinated.
  18. “Long, Long Time” by Linda Ronstadt.  I’m obssessed with Linda.  This song is sad, but I love it.  Mind McCready (RIP) did a great cover of this back in the late 90’s.
  19. “Fairytale” by Sara Bareilles.  Sara can actually do no wrong in my book.  I LOVE all of her music.  This particular song is a bit of a feminist anthem.  You should play it if a man has done you wrong.
  20. “Nothing but the Water” I & II by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.  This song is a two-parter.  It is my jam!