Friday Five: Verrier Tuckernuck


Hi friends!  How was your week?  It was a “big” week over here – I did a Zoom call with a couple of friends for Brigitte’s birthday, after 8 years of living in my house I finally learned my neighbors names (I talk to them all the time), & I dug a sago palm tree out of my yard!  Y’all, I’m still quarantining, for the most part, so this constitutes as a big week.  Haha!

Let’s get to my five favorite things!  ***Side Note: last week I shared about the show Dear White People – Season 4 (final season) should come to Netflix this fall.

One: I tried a new recipe

This week I tried a new recipe, & y’all it was the best thing I’ve made so far in 2020.  The recipe for Garlic Butter Creamed Corn Chicken is from Half Baked Harvest – you can find it here. 6B1783B3-320A-42EB-9DA9-CA7AFB61F1BF

I was so eager to eat this that I didn’t even take a real picture, only IG’d it.  I’m not a huge fan of chicken, & honestly this would be just as good without the chicken.  I cut the recipe in half as I am terrible about eating leftovers.

Two: 13th

Whew, this documentary was necessary to watch, but it was a tough hang. C565381C-941D-4ACE-880F-9C41051A24FB

“An in-depth look at the prison system in the United States and how it reveals the nation’s history of racial inequality.”  This doc is about the 13th Amendment & how we (white people) basically found a loophole to legally use “slave labor” by using prisoners.  This is part of the reason why we are where we are today in terms of being poor, mentally ill, black, or an addict lands you in jail.  It is very eye opening.

Three: Verrier Handcrafted

Okay, @verrier_handcrafted_ is one of my favorite follows on Instagram.  Ashleigh is a beautiful artist that creates such whimsy & beauty in her art.  You can purchase here – I have two pieces & want more. IMG_2214

Isn’t her IG feed amazing?  Ashleigh likes to take her girls, right now it is Coco, on “trips” in IG Stories.  Right now, Coco is in Paris.  Follow her & be delighted!

Four: NPR podcast


I listened to this podcast recently, specifically this episode.  Y’all, I learned more in this hour than I did in any History class I took in school.

Five: New earrings

As my obsession with Nantucket grows…I bought a new pair of earrings from Tuckernuck; I had been eyeing them for a while & finally bit the bullet.  I’m obsessed!0255FC97-E4ED-43B2-86D2-D3FF3999BAC3

What was your favorite thing from the week?  I hope you have a great weekend!  It will be very hot in Texas this weekend – yea (written with a huge eye roll).

As we go forward, I will continue to sprinkle in at least one weekly favorite from a BIPOC business/podcast/movie/book.  This will be done as my education continues to grow.

Kiss Hug,

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Friday Five: Learning & Listening

E69E6C8C-FE02-48C9-9B30-10EAA1E1DDBF_4_5005_cHi friends!  Last week I promised to be a better ally for my fellow black Americans.  Today’s Friday Five is a list of the five things I’ve done so far.  I have spent the last week+ educating myself to be a better ally & to be anti-racist.  It is overwhelming, but sometimes the necessary things are the hard things.  My eyes have been opened & I hope to open yours.

One: Dear White People

Dear White People is a show that is funny, smart, informative, heartbreaking, sexy, relatable, & so much more. 3517B6DB-F0FB-48B4-BC07-CCFB85286EDC

There is language, sex, & drug use – so don’t watch with kiddos.  Three seasons, 10 episodes each – you can binge it this weekend, & I demand that you do.  You can watch it on Netflix.  Season 4 (the final season) should be coming out in the Fall.

Two: White Fragility

I bought the book White Fragility by Robin Diangelo.  This book is an innovative analysis of the counterproductive reactions white people have when discussing racism. IMG_2155 7

I will be reading this book this weekend.

Three: Diversifying my IG

I have spent the last week diversifying who I follow on Instagram.  I’m ashamed it wasn’t’t more diverse to begin with.  Here are 3 people I really enjoy following, unrelated to our current situation.

  1. @simplicityfordesigns – Gbeke is a DIY Home Blogger from Dallas, TX.  Follow her blog here.  Isn’t this wall a dream come true?!? IMG_2145

2. @_happygocurly_ – Ailsa is a certified nurse & midwife in the DC area (soon to be Miami).  Ailsa is also a military wife.  She has such a kind soul.  Ailsa has been volunteering to answer questions on things we can do on IG – please make sure its not something Google-able.IMG_2157

3. @tarynnewton – Taryn is a blogger from the Dallas area.  You can check out her blog here.  She is a mother of 3 boys & has another boy due any second.  Her stories on how to raise black boys in today’s America is so hopeful. IMG_2156

Four: Black Owned Businesses

  1. Lucille’s – – this is a Houston, TX restaurant.  I love their brunch!
  2. Twisted Grilled Cheese – – a Houston based food truck.  I can’t wait to try the smokehouse brisket grilled cheese.
  3. Clare Paint – – this is a favorite of DIYer @prettyonfridays.  Nicole Gibbons, the founder, is an interior designer that decided to make paint easier to shop & get.
  4. Motherland Essentials – – all natural skincare & soap shop in Charleston, SC.

Five: Donations

  1. Campaign Zero ( data proves that together these eight policies decrease police violence by 72%.
    1. Ban chokeholds & strangleholds
    2. Require de-escalation
    3. Require warning before shooting
    4. Exhaust all other means before shooting
    5. Duty to intervene
    6. Ban shooting at moving vehicles
    7. Require use of force continuum
    8. Require comprehensive reporting
  2. Black Lives Matter –
  3. Color of Change –
  4. Houston Community Bail Fund –
  5. Sephora is allowing you to donate your Beauty Insider Points to the National Black Justice Coalition.

I hope this post sparks change in you, as it has done for me.  Please continue to learn, listen, & share.

Have a great weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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Friday Five: Poppin’ Cherries


Hi friends!  Whew!  This week has been a total dumpster fire, I am so glad it’s over.  I don’t even have it in me to write out “chit chat,” so let’s get straight to the reason we’re all here. 😉

One: Hot Honey

Have y’all tried hot honey?  Maybe I’m late to this game, but hot honey is the new buffalo sauce in my opinion.  I’ve been using Mike’s Hot Honey, but are there any other brands I need to try?  Honey in general is so good for you, but this particular brand is paleo & gluten free.  I don’t have any gluten issues (thankfully), but I am definitely more conscious about GF products, & often buy them – there are so many good choices on the market these days!

So far, I have used the hot honey on fish, bacon in a BLT, onion rings, & hushpuppies.  Next, I’m going to try it on roasted Brussel sprouts.  Any other foods I should try it on?

Two: My new favorite T-shirt 229997DF-BAAD-4FD9-A32D-BFEAB91CB8EB

I ordered this shirt & wore it for the first time earlier this week.  The staff at Trader Joe’s loved it!  It received quite the chuckle.

Three: Cherry Season!

Cherry season is here & I could not be more excited!  Specifically, I’m excited about Rainier cherries!  They are my favorites.IMG_2072

I bought 2 lbs. from Trader Joe’s & have already eaten at least half a pound.

Four: Bell peppers for everyone

Aren’t my little babies so cute?!? IMG_2073

Isn’t it funny how much the bottom bell pepper already has the shape of a fully grown bell pepper?  These will eventually be orange & I am so excited!  I could basically eat bell peppers like chips.  I don’t…but I should.

This week I have been learning all about boy flowers & girl flowers, after my zucchini shriveled up & died.  The zucchini flowers never got pollenated. 😦 So, now I’m basically trying to get my yellow squash knocked up.  Also, I’m singing “Reproduction” from Grease 2 over & over in my head.  “…make my stamens go berserk. Reproduction. Reproduction.” HAHA.

Five: How to know if you’re racist

My heart has been so heavy this week, so I want to end this post on a serious note.  What has happened over the last few days, even the last month, to our POC friends is disgusting.  It’s always disgusting.  Every. Single. Time.  This has been a particularly gross time, as all of these incidents have been recorded.

George Floyd
Christian Cooper (still alive)
Breonna Taylor
Ahmaud Arbery

This is a very small list of men & women of color who did not deserve what happened to them.  We only know about them become someone filmed it.  What about all the ones we never hear about?IMG_2049

Every time a white person starts a story with, “I was talking to a black guy…”  That is covert racism, & totally unnecessary and irrelevant to the story.  Try saying, “I was talking to a person the other day…”  Using the n-word is overt racism – also completely disgusting.

I’m not perfect, not by any means, but I do not believe we are born hating anyone else – this is learned over time.  As a person of privilege, I am pledging to no longer let this go unchecked.  I will call it out & I am learning to be a better ally.  What are you going to do?

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. 😉 Let’s be more kind & better educated going forward.  I hope you have a marvelous weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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Friday Five: I’m not an Oompa Loompa


Hi friends!  I don’t know about where you live, but it is already HOT in Texas!  I feel like I’m getting sunburned as soon as I step outside – it’s too soon for this. 😦 Can I quarantine at the North Pole for the summer?

Anyways, on to my favorite things from the week…aside from my garden of course!

One: A very un-Casey DIY

A few weeks ago I told y’all to follow @philip_or_flop on Instagram.  He does DIY projects, on the weekends, around his home to customize his builder grade house.  Many of his projects are like ASMR to me, I could watch him power wash stuff all day.

A couple weekends ago he used 45% strength vinegar (really strong) to kill some grass that had creeped into his flower beds.  Earlier this week I tried it myself.  Y’all, my grass & weeds died within a couple hours!  Now I plan to till up the weeds, put soil down, plant a tree, & mulch the rest of the bed.

I’m debating between a redbud tree & a Bradford pear.  Both flower & have pretty color in the fall, but the redbud is smaller.  I’m leaning towards the redbud because I can plant it within 8 feet of my house.  Any tree recommendations for the Houston, TX area? IMG_2034

Two: Olive & June’s summer colors!

Have you seen Olive & June’s new summer line?  So pretty!!! 5D2788B7-E0CE-4EB2-9D72-F625C5A456B6

I’m ordering at least 3 of these.

Three: Maren Devine

I have a new artist I’m obsessed with – Maren Devine.  I’m debating which will be my next art piece.

I’m debating on these three pieces:

Four: Self Tanner

Because of @things.i.bought.and.liked, I have finally found a self tanner that does not make my super fair skin look like an Oompa Loompa.

Tan-Luxe The Gradual is awesome!  It does not have a strong smell, & the lotion is very thin & runny so you can move it around a lot before it fully soaks in.  I haven’t had any issues with it staining clothes or furniture.

You can see here where I didn’t spread it out so well on my forearm. IMG_2033

Five: Salads

We are getting to that time of year where all I want is salad.  It’s cold & crunchy & I can’t get enough.  I made a random salad the other day that turned out delicious.

Here’s what I made: arugula & Swiss chard from my garden, romaine leftover in my fridge, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, radishes, couscous, feta cheese, topped with baked falafel, & a lemon vinaigrette.  So so good!

I hope you enjoy this holiday weekend, which I just figured out yesterday.

Kiss Hug,

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Friday Five: Grasping at Straws


Hi friends!  I hope your week went well.  What is this, week 267 of quarantine?  Are things reopening where you live?  How do you feel about it?  I had an adventure with a roach earlier this week & since I haven’t found the body, I feel like he (yes, it’s a boy) is crawling all over me.  It gives me the heebie jeebies.

Let’s get into this week’s favorites…

One: Taco ‘Bout It! 

Y’all, I made the coconut cauliflower tacos from the Fraiche Food Full Hearts cookbook from Jillian Harris & Tori Wesszer.  I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty these tacos were.  In fact, everything I’ve made from this cookbook has been delicious. 1A27E05A-27C3-421A-916C-135FE999C5F1

Two: Candy Straws

During this pandemic I have become obsessed with Sour Punch Candy Straws, specifically the bites.  I LOVE the bag of Rad Reds, so much so that I bought a case of 12 from Amazon.  I have a problem.  I will say they can be hard to find, which I why I turned to Amazon.  I’m not proud of myself. 97957387-4128-48BD-AA18-D36B8A91D4AB

Three: Oils Organizer

I got these new drawer organizers for my essential oils & they are awesome! IMG_1957 2

I’m going to get another set for the other drawer & then I will fully organize them.

Four: I’m officially a farmer!

Last night I made my first salad with lettuce from my Tower Garden!  I’m sure y’all are tired of me talking writing about this, but it is so exciting!  It’s like watching Photosynthesis in real time.  Science you guys, science.IMG_1949

I cut arugula, rainbow chard, & “gourmet lettuce” (whatever that is) to make a salad for dinner!  It was delicious & tasted so so fresh!

Next week I should have acorn squash, zucchini, & strawberries!  I also have a ton of mint ready to use – who needs a mojito?

Five: Big Red

Y’all, I know this is a trash drink, but Sonic now has Big Red & it is delicious!  Sonic always has the perfect ration of carbonation & ice.  Just thought you should know.

On a side note, last Sunday I bought some flowers from Trader Joe’s. 61117918909__670EC6AA-BC01-4CC4-87E3-1E56331DB241

Are these not the most beautiful bubble gum pink peonies ever?!?  I am loving them!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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Friday Five: Important PSA


Hi friends.  This is probably the most important blog post I’ve ever written.  If you don’t read all the way to the end, please at least read my first two favorites below.

One: Kids & Emergencies

Tuesday evening, my friend Jessica called me & told me that her SIL passed away unexpectedly.  Jessica has okayed me making this post, but I don’t feel comfortable going into their personal tragedy.  Through our conversation we realized two glaring facts.

  1. Parents please make sure your children know when, why, & how to dial 911 & know your home address.  If your kids can play apps on your phone, then they need to know how to call for help.
    • The general rule: Dial 911 any time there’s a threat to life or property — such as an accident, a crime, a fire or a medical emergency, says Ty Wooten, education director for the National Emergency Number Association, also known as the 911 Association.
  2. Now that most people no longer have a home phone or land line, please make sure you & anyone who uses your phone knows how to dial 911 from a locked cell phone.
    • I personally have an iPhone 11, with facial recognition & no home button.  If someone other than me picks up my phone, it will prompt them for a passcode.  In the bottom left corner you can click “Emergency” to dial for help. I believe this is similar for all iPhones. 6F396BF7-FE68-4448-97BE-90AD5252FE39_1_201_a
    • Like iPhones, Androids also have an “Emergency Call” button on a locked screen.

Please note that I am not a parent, but I needed to know this for myself.   Making emergency calls was something I never really thought about, but what happened to my friends family has brought this to the forefront of my mind.

If you are so inclined, please pray for my friend & her family.

Two: Code Word

While we’re on the subject of safety, I have seen a few posts recently on the Nextdoor app, for my neighborhood, regarding strange cars driving slowly specifically when children are around.  Obviously this is creepy as hell.

When I was a child, my parents & I had a code word for strangers.  If someone asked me to get in their car or go somewhere with them, I was to ask them for the code word.  If they didn’t know it I was supposed to run to the nearest trusted adult &/or start screaming for help.

This is still a good idea even in today’s times.  My word when I was young was Rumplestiltskin.  Make sure it is not a common word, but one that your kiddos can remember.

Three: Feel Good TV Shows

Okay, so my first two favorites are very serious, but this next one will definitely lighten the mood.  Last weekend I started rewatching The Mindy Project & it has been the delight of my week.  I laugh out loud at each episode.  Mindy Kaling can do no wrong in my book. E1DE68B0-0924-4F20-92DB-0C36ED6557AB_4_5005_c

Like FRIENDS & How I Met Your Mother, there are tons of celebrity guest spots which I had totally forgotten about.  Some of the guests were on this show before they were well known.

Four: Face Masks

I got some fun new face masks this week from Crooked Media.  They are currently sold-out, but you can get on the email list for restock notifications. A6D6ECE0-1377-4A48-B886-5CC562D2D83F

If your not looking to make such a statement, might I suggest supporting my favorite local small business, Sea Marie Designs. 0666A9E8-7DC6-40BC-926B-54E3BB543D95_4_5005_c

Five: Baked Spaghetti & Meatballs

Baking spaghetti is now my favorite way to eat pasta.

I buy frozen meatballs & cook according to package directions.

Meanwhile, get a big pot of water boiling for the pasta.  You can use any pasta you like.  Last night I used a short, fun-shaped pasta that sauce would cling to.

While the meatballs are baking & the water is coming to a boil, sauté an onion & some garlic (to your taste).  Once softened, add jarred marinara sauce, a can of diced tomatoes, & a tablespoon of tomato paste.  I also add Italian seasoning & red pepper flakes.  Let that simmer until the meatballs are done baking.

Cook the pasta & once done add to the sauce & toss together.  Nestle the meatballs into the pasta, cover with mozzarella, & bake at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes.  The cheese creates a nice toasty “crust” on top & the flavors really meld together.  You will not be disappointed.  Side note, if your pots can’t go in the oven transfer to a baking dish.

I hope this particular post was enlightening & feel free to share if you know someone who would benefit from my PSAs.

I hope you all have a lovely Mother’s Day weekend.

Kiss Hug,

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Friday Five: Who knew there was a fence?

E69E6C8C-FE02-48C9-9B30-10EAA1E1DDBF_4_5005_cHi friends!  Can you believe it’s already May?  How was March the longest month in the history of calendars, & April flew by?

Let’s get into it, shall we?

One: Lake Street Drive

Okay, so I recently discovered some new music, my favorite being Lake Street Drive.  I’m sure they’ve been around for awhile, but this album has been my playlist this week. B0C4F3C5-5262-48F3-A1F1-809C34475C04_1_201_a

Favorite Song: “Good Kisser”

Two: Protein Pancakes

Confession time.  I hate to make pancakes.  Love to eat ’em, hate to make ’em.  So, I buy frozen.  At the beginning of the pandemic I bought Kodiak Power Flapjacks on an impulse.  I just opened them this week…   C74F3A64-97B7-4A0D-A794-021DA62DBFDA

There are 4 packs of three pancakes, which are about the size of my palm.  Y’all, these are so good!  They taste just like buttermilk pancakes with no protein powder taste at all.

Three: Makeup Remover

I hesitate to share this product with you because I don’t want y’all to buy all the stock. 😉 Kidding!  This Bliss Eye Makeup Remover Gel is amazing!  I hate a greasy makeup remover, but this gel is the opposite of that. D73F27B1-EBF4-4E66-BB6A-CD5CE73DC896

The one caveat is that this can be hard to find, so when you do – buy multiple!  I have found it on Amazon, Ulta, & rarely at Target.

Four: Pomelo

Now that is officially Spring, I have officially switched to white wine exclusively (red is for Fall & Winter).  Lately, I’ve been more into “light” chardonnays, but I want to share a Sauvingnon Blanc.  Pomelo is currently my favorite; it’s not at all heartburn-y, which is the mark of a bad wine for me. 74F93968-C5C9-48CC-9684-2A98FF79C0E0

This Sauv. Blanc is crisp & refreshing, not too sweet.  It is under $15 & I buy it a Target.

Five: Backyard

So, I have a love/hate relationship with my yard, specifically my backyard.  It is completely useless.  The way my house was built, I have to go out my back door (outside) & then go into my garage door to get to the washer & dryer…also my car.

Anyways, if it is dark or raining I basically don’t do laundry…like I needed a reason to avoid laundry.  So, here’s the deal with my yard – it has so many trees that nothing else can grow.  Sunlight does not reach the ground.  The canopy holds in moisture & all the bugs.  I now have a massive hatred for pine trees & pine needles.

This week I hired someone to come clean up all the leaves & trim the trees.  Here is before & after.

Who knew there was a fence back there?  There is still some more work to be done, which should hopefully happen today.  Any ideas for possibly getting grass (or anything really) to grow?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Kiss Hug,

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What’s Up Wednesday: April 2020

Hi friends!  Can you believe we are almost done with April?  March had 549 days, but April has only had 3…weird.  Today is my WUW post where I link up with other bloggers & just give a little update on life & such. D4181699-7DFE-49CC-9185-B7985BF653C3

What I’m eating?

I’m not sure I’ve shared this on a WUW, but as soon as I started social distancing I made a list of all the food in my house.  The list was categorized by: freezer, refrigerator, pantry, countertop (produce), & leftovers.  As I eat things, they get crossed off.  This has helped rein me in from going to the grocery store more often than I really need to. 9F69899A-C8BC-42AB-ADC0-1C102C9784E7

I might continue this post CV-19.  It is so satisfying to cross stuff off!

What I’m reminiscing about?

Restaurants!  I’ll be honest, for the most part the pandemic has not altered my day-to-day.  However, I miss going to restaurants – looking at a menu, not having to cook the food, not having to do the dishes…sounds like the best dream.  So. Many. Dishes.

What I’m loving?

Y’all, I’ve become a plant lady.  I’m obsessed with my Tower Garden.  My seedlings have been in the tower for about 2.5 weeks now.  Still no edible produce, but things are happening! DA7E4882-9309-4FFA-8C5D-95A64E7C8F0C

What I’ve been up to?

I have been experimenting a lot with essential oil diffuser blends.  I’m really into anything that goes well with Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood at the moment.

What I’m dreading?

The ducks.  We have two ducks that have adopted our street, & they seem to have specifically taken my yard hostage.  On Monday, I caught my neighbor in the act of feeding the ducks!  Y’all, I am terrified of birds – all birds.  They came at me twice yesterday.  It makes checking on my tower garden dangerous…by my standards.  I need walk to the mailbox & bring in my trashcan later today & I’m scared.  This is definitely a case where I am more afraid of them than they are of me, & they let me know it.  😦

What I’m working on?

Last week I downloaded a free trial of AutoCAD.  I kept having these ideas for a house, so I needed to get them down.  My creative outlets are always very structured & linear, so drawing floorpans is the perfect outlet.

What I’m excited about?

I’m super excited to have someone come out to my house & clean up the leaves in my yard, trim my trees, & plant some oleanders I bought last weekend.

This is currently my back yard. Yikes. 60B60D38-38C1-4CA8-88C6-E6040536CF8B

What I’m watching & reading?

Mrs. America on Hulu is so good!  Is there anything that James Marsden is not in?  Cate Blanchett is one of those actresses that I love, but always forget about because she never has a role where she plays a present day person.  Her roles always involve quite a bit of costume, but she is incredibly talented.4BA9B7DB-E30E-4F70-B447-3260F55E1EAF

I’ve had a tough time reading lately, so I had to switch to easy reading.  I’m into historical romance at the moment – specifically the Untouchables Series by Darcy Burke; she has 10 books in this particular series & they are all around 200 pages.  Quick reads!

What I’m listening to?

I’m super into the band Lake Street Drive at the moment.  They’ve been around for awhile, but they are new to me. B0C4F3C5-5262-48F3-A1F1-809C34475C04_1_201_a

What I’m wearing?

Pandemic or not, I work from home.  So, for my sanity I wear jeans M-F, & pandemic pants on weekends.  I’m currently wearing my favorite Madewell jeans (mine are sold-out, but these are similar) & my pink #pimpinjoy sweatshirt – it’s rainy here & I’m cold.

What I’m doing this weekend?

Still nothing.  Texas will be reopening restaurants, but I think its too soon so I will be reading & watching tv.  I’m going to rewatch The Mindy Project.

What I’m looking forward to next month?

I’m debating on whether or not I should go visit Mama J on Mother’s Day Weekend.  Should I go & behave normally for the whole weekend, or do I go for the day, drop off her gift, & stay 6 feet away with my mask on?  I conflicted.  Anyone have any thoughts?

What else is new?

Not a lotta.

I’ll see y’all back here on Friday, for my Friday Five!

Kiss Hug,

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Friday Five: Faux Vacation


Hi friends!  Happy Friday!  I know y’all are all dying for a tower garden update. 😉 I’m happy to report that it is doing so well!  My squash, zucchini, strawberries, mint, & lettuces are doing especially great. IMG_1808

What do y’all think I should do with all the extra lettuces?  Should I plant them in a pot?  In the ground?

One: Carnitas

On Monday, I tried my hand at making carnitas for the first time.  I was super impressed! BF69DA2E-5755-4AE1-A5BD-DF4A701D7E75_1_201_a

So, I used The Defined Dish’s recipe from her cookbook.  I checked her blog & didn’t see the recipe there, but she had a lot of similar recipes.  What I loved about this recipe is that the carnitas kind of had a neutral roast flavor, which for me means that I can add many different flavors to it depending on my meal.

The other night I had a baked potato for dinner & added a little BBQ sauce to the carnitas & topped my potato.  I also added a little salsa verde to it for tacos one night.  You could make a little gravy, add some potatoes & carrots for a pot roast, or make a modified shepherd’s pie or stew. So many options!  As someone who doesn’t love leftovers, this is perfect for me.

Two: Baby Foot Peel

I LOVE to do foot peels.  Any brand will do.  You basically wear booties around for about 1 – 1.5 hours (or like me take a nap with them on).  Rinse your feet, and in about a week your feet will peel like a sunburn (it doesn’t hurt) or a snake skin.  It is gross, but so satisfying.  You can’t get pedicures at the moment, so get one from Amazon. FF282E85-C7CA-4AFB-A487-D995E58A74C4

Three: Jewelry Cleaner

I was influenced by @things.i.bought.and.liked for this jewelry cleaner.  She was right, it is the best cleaner I have found in a long, long time.  It’s the next best thing to a polishing machine.

I cleaned a necklace that I wear every single day & rarely take off.

Before (left) & After (right):

Cost: $18.00 – this would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift!

Four: Nail Polish Organizer

My life has been changed!  I got this amazing organizer for my nail polish.  It holds 48 polishes, which sadly is still not enough for my collection, but it is now much more manageable.

Believe it or not, none of these are duplicates!  I have about 10 more polishes & all my nail care stuff in an additional tub.

Five: Vacation in a Diffuser

I think many of you probably know that I am a huge fan of essential oils.  This week I have really been diffusing oil blends that smell like a vacation, at least to me.

My favorite blend at the moment is: 8 drops of Lime, 5 drops of Jade Lemon, 5 drops of Bergamot, 3 drops of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, & 3 drops of Spearmint.  Smells like a tropical destination.

What are y’all loving this week?

Kiss Hug,

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Friday Five: Stick a Fork in Me, I’m Done!

Hi friends!  Well, it’s day 42 of my quarantine, and I am over it.  OVER IT!  I work from home (even before CV) & I live alone.  I was primed to thrive in a quarantine, and to a certain extent I am.  However, 42 days of little to no human interaction is a lot.  I would simply love to give someone a hug.  How are y’all hanging in there?

I have been a real lazy bones this week, and all I really want to do is talk about my tower garden.  Here’s a progress shot – the seedlings have been transported to the tower! IMG_1722

But, alas I do have five favorite things from the week! E69E6C8C-FE02-48C9-9B30-10EAA1E1DDBF_4_5005_c

One: Okra

Y’all, I love okra!  I know a lot of people don’t like it because it’s “slimy.”  If your okra is slimy then you didn’t dry it enough after washing them.  Also wipe your knife blade off after every few cuts.

I love okra sautéed with onion, garlic, & sometimes bacon.  The Define Dish’s cajun okra is super delicious.  But, this week I made oven fried okra using this recipe. IMG_1733

Two: Design Darling

Have you checked out Mackenzie’s blog Design Darling?  Is that not the most perfect name for a design blog?  I’m very invested in her house remodel…I’m living vicariously through her at the moment as I dream about renovating my house on the daily.  Mackenzie also has a fantastic weekly newsletter.

She has this little questionnaire on her blog today, so thought I’d fill it out here.

What you’re reading right now: I just finished Our Stop.  So cute!

A silver lining of quarantine: I finally started the garden I’ve been talking about doing for years.

Someone you’re excited to see after quarantine: I’m hoping I can go visit my my Mom for Mother’s Day.  I haven’t seen Mama J since Christmas!  I think Texas will still be in lockdown though.

Your first meal after quarantine: Oh my god, any meal in a restaurant!  Probably sushi because that is the one type of cuisine I refuse to make at home.

Something you’ll never again take for granted: HUGS.

Now, you copy & paste and tell me about yourself in the comments!

What you’re reading right now:

A silver lining of quarantine: 

Someone you’re excited to see after quarantine:

Your first meal after quarantine:

Something you’ll never again take for granted:

Three: Empanadas

I randomly discovered these empanadas at one of the HEB’s here in The Woodlands.  I specifically love the cheeseburger empanada & make it for lunch at least once a week.  I like to plate it over a bed of romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, & diced red onions – this way it is a fully dressed burger!

Four: Beverly Hills is back!

Oh, I’m so excited that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back! rhobh570

This season looks like it is going to be so good!  They have completely broken the fourth wall, which I love.  Should I recap this season?

Five: RoRo’s

Okay, on the recommendation of Brittany from Loverly Grey, I ordered some dinner rolls & cinnamon rolls RoRo’s Baking Company.  Stick a fork in me!

So, clearly I’ve eaten my way through this week…

I fell asleep last night at 7:30p, so I haven’t had a chance to watch RHONY.  I’ll do that this weekend & post the recap by Monday.

Until then, I hope you all have a superb weekend.  Superb?  Who says that anymore?  Whatever, you get it.

Kiss Hug,

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