Friday Five: Learning & Listening


Hi friends!  Last week I promised to be better ally for fellow black Americans.  Today’s Friday Five is a list of the five things I’ve done so far.  I have spent the last week+ educating myself to be a better ally & to be anti-racist.  It is overwhelming, but sometimes the necessary things are the hard things.  My eyes have been opened & I hope to open yours.

One: Dear White People

Dear White People is a show that is funny, smart, informative, heartbreaking, sexy, relatable, & so much more. 3517B6DB-F0FB-48B4-BC07-CCFB85286EDC

There is language, sex, & drug use – so don’t watch with kiddos.  Three seasons, 10 episodes each – you can binge it this weekend, & I demand that you do.  You can watch  it on Netflix.

Two: White Fragility

I bought the book White Fragility by Robin Diangelo.  This book is an innovative analysis of the counterproductive reactions white people have when discussing racism. IMG_2155 7

I will be reading this book this weekend.

Three: Diversifying my IG

I have spent the last week diversifying who I follow on Instagram.  I’m ashamed it wasn’t’t more diverse to begin with.  Here are 3 people I really enjoy following, unrelated to our current situation.

  1. @simplicityfordesigns – Gbeke is a DIY Home Blogger from Dallas, TX.  Follow her blog here.  Isn’t this wall a dream come true?!? IMG_2145

2. @_happygocurly_ – Ailsa is a certified nurse & midwife in the DC area (soon to be Miami).  Ailsa is also a military wife.  She has such a kind soul.  Ailsa has been volunteering to answer questions on things we can do on IG – please make sure its not something Google-able.IMG_2157

3. @tarynnewton – Taryn is a blogger from the Dallas area.  You can check out her blog here.  She is a mother of 3 boys & has another boy due any second.  Her stories on how to raise black boys in today’s America is so hopeful. IMG_2156

Four: Black Owned Businesses

  1. Lucille’s – – this is a Houston, TX restaurant.  I love their brunch!
  2. Twisted Grilled Cheese – – a Houston based food truck.  I can’t wait to try the smokehouse brisket grilled cheese.
  3. Clare Paint – – this is a favorite of DIYer @prettyonfridays.  Nicole Gibbons, the founder, is an interior designer that decided to make paint easier to shop & get.
  4. Motherland Essentials – – all natural skincare & soap shop in Charleston, SC.

Five: Donations

  1. Campaign Zero ( data proves that together these eight policies decrease police violence by 72%.
    1. Ban chokeholds & strangleholds
    2. Require de-escalation
    3. Require warning before shooting
    4. Exhaust all other means before shooting
    5. Duty to intervene
    6. Ban shooting at moving vehicles
    7. Require use of force continuum
    8. Require comprehensive reporting
  2. Black Lives Matter –
  3. Color of Change –
  4. Houston Community Bail Fund –
  5. Sephora is allowing you to donate your Beauty Insider Points to the National Black Justice Coalition.

I hope this post sparks change in you, as it has done for me.  Please continue to learn, listen, & share.

Have a great weekend!

Kiss Hug,

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Take It or Leave It: Post 7

This is not my typical TIoLI post, but I thought I’d share a poem that resonated with me in light of last week’s senseless acts of violence.  You can read about here: The Skimm

This is not really the right avenue to voice all of my opinions on the #BlackLivesMatter vs. #BlueLivesMatter vs. #AllLivesMatter issue, but if you’d like to have a mature, respectful conversation about it, & I do have lots of opinions, please reach out via social media. ->

In the meantime, I borrowed this poem from my friend Lauren.

From Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes…sometimes a poem expresses things best. This is an excerpt from something she wrote called “We Are A Brave, Decent People”

we do not choose
who to mourn
by color.
we do not choose
who to mourn by age.
we do not choose
who to mourn by heritage.
Not by gender.
Nor by religion.
Nor by any other division–
just that the dead belonged
to someone who loved them.
Just that they belonged
to the enormous wheel
of humanity…

We mourn the dead.
We mourn fathers,
mothers, brothers,
sisters, grandparents,
friends, wives,
husbands, lovers,
children. We mourn
the swaths
of Creator’s forest
cut down.

We mourn all
because we are a decent people.

We pray for the families,
the mates, the friends,
the colleagues, and the very
animals also,
who are so sad this night
and for nights yet to come.

We pray that whatever helps
can come,
will come
and in ways
each person
can understand
and put to use

We pray for all
because we are a decent people.